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From Derwin and Issa's Japan Pre Wedding
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We are a group of creative storytellers and our goal is to honor the beauty of every narrative through cinematic excellence.

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(0995) 823-3221
3417 South Tower, Zinnia Towers, Balintawak
Quezon City
Client Testimonials
"Thank you Theia Films for making our prewedding and SDE wedding videos sooo heartwarming. It was full of emotions, like everytime I watch the videos, I always feel the same feelings on that day. We cannot thank you enough for doing a great job more than what we expected. Also, the hardships we've encountered in Anawagin and Capones was truly unforgettable and we haven't seen you guys being impatient nor having a hard time. You guys are amazing! Hoping to see you again"

All the love!

-Hazel and Jerwheel, Jan. 11, 2020


"My husband and I are so grateful to have chosen this team to be part of our Wedding. Thank you Theia Films for exceeding our expectations! I was actually nervous doing the SDE but seeing how professional and approachable the team is (most esp Mike, who literally walks the talk lol) I easily got comfortable. Everything was just fun and candid. I enjoyed every minute of it! We had a beautiful wedding, and a big part of it is because of Theia Films."

-Jere and Ai, Feb. 17, 2020


"You were just awesome, from our first correspondence to having ‘lunch meeting’ with you, to our pre-wedding shoot, and most definitely on our wedding day.

We’ve told you the first time we’ve met that we’re both awkward in front of the camera but we felt comfortable with the team, and you guys produced amazing results - the video clips, the SDE, & everything else. With us as your ‘subjects’, we tell you, that was a hard task.

We can’t express how grateful we are. You surpassed our expectations. Please also extend our sincerest thanks to the whole team.

Theia Films, thanks heaps! All the best."

-Ralph and Roselle, Theia Films' first-ever couple, May 4, 2019


I would just like to say thank you so much for the beautiful work and your patience with working with us during our wedding. You made it so easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera and everyone was so fun to work with. We were so amazed with the SDE and all our family and friends were asking about you guys! Will definitely recommend your team to all our other friends who will be getting married soon! And we love how collaborative you guys were with Proudrad as well which is why both the video and photos came out very beautiful. BEST. TEAM. EVER.

Love you guys and I can't wait to watch the SDE again!

Meg and Robert, Jan. 20, 2020


"From the Prenup shoot up to our wedding day, super bagyo to the max but what surprised me the most is that they were able to pull everything together in the most awesome way! Our friends and guest couldn’t help but ask who did our save the date video and the (SDE) of our wedding day. They witnessed one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and that is getting Theia Films as part of our special day. My words would not be enough to say my sincerest thanks to the people behind our wonderful videos. To more happy and satisfied couple in the future. Cheers!"

-Ken and Amira, September 18, 2019
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Among all the suppliers, truthfully, we had a hard time looking for a videography team that we like and fits our aesthetic. We want someone who could capture our wedding the way we remember it--no frills and drama since we're not that kind of couple. We don't want it to be too cheesy. Aesthetically, we don't want any of those trendy pastely or dark & moody colors on our video. We want it to look timeless. We want someone light and how your naked eye would see it--just enhanced a little. It was by chance that I saw our HMUA tag Theia Films in her post, and we're so thankful that we came across it.

True enough they didn't disappoint. We're very very glad that we got them. We really love our SDE! Every time we watch it, it makes us feel all the feels of our wedding day all over again.

We also availed of their livestream services. We have attended online weddings and we can attest that ours was the best one we've ever seen (no, it's not just a case of love your own haha). Our HMUA did say so as well. And a lot of our guests too. It wasn't your typical one-camera angle. There was a little bit of directing involved. And we really appreciate that they remained online until after the wedding photos were taken in the church. We requested if we could say a few words to our guests online since we had a very intimate wedding (immediate family only).

The whole team was very professional as well. There was a time that I think that all of the Team was inside my suite (plus the other suppliers so at the most there were around 15+ pax there), but I never felt any intrusion. My family and my husband's family observed this as well. Mike and Iya were also very professional to deal with--from our email conversation, meeting, up until the day itself.

I highly recommend Theia Films! One of our friends whose also getting married this year are getting them after watching our video. 😉

Thank you so much to the Theia Films Team!

All the best,
Dong and Rina, February 2022

Dong and Rina | March 29, 2022

From the start, we were really choosy in booking a supplier for our wedding video. After all, the videos will last forever. We scoured the net for every supplier out there and watched countless number of videos to find the one. We only stopped whe we found Theia films. First video pa lang, we already knew they were the one.

There's something magical with their work. I don't know if it was just me but watching their films really make me sentimental. The emotions really translate through the video. I remember staying up late just watching all of their posts.

And what they did with our wedding video was beyond what we could've imagined. Working with them was light and fun. They were so considerate and polite. They were so chill but the output was on point!

I can no loger recall how many times I watched the video but every time I do, the tears still keep on coming. It was how I want to remember our wedding day. Even our relatives keep on telling us they have our wedding video playing on loop! Saying their work is great is an understatement.

God bless, Theia Films! May you continue to touch people's hearts with your work. Looking forward to working with you again soon! ❤

Royce & Nicole | February 7, 2022

Your team was easy and fun to work with. Everything that we discussed prior to our wedding was followed to a T and that was something we really appreciated. Our SDE and Memories Video were beautiful. We and our guests loved both of them ❤️

Keep up the good work and God bless you!

Archie and Ethel | January 14, 2022

I stumble upon Theia Film's IG account the week wherein we were supposed to pay or downpayment for our 'first choice' of videographer. As I go through their page and watch their wedding videos and highlights, there's something about their craft that made me and my then-fiance give them a shot. Long story short we booked them for our wedding! Theia films or "the silent bomb" as we call them, really surprised us during the SDE show. not only they are easy and fun to work with but they really capture all the best moments of our special day. I love how they directed the whole film, their style is unique and they make a great masterpiece! They are the ones who truly surprised us all amongst all major suppliers. My husband is not a showy type of person, but when Theia Films presented their work waterworks started falling from his eyes. Tears of joy indeed! We love Theia films! Hindi kayo magsisisi. Promise!

Toni & Jonathan | November 10, 2021

Booking Theia Films as our engagemenf and wedding videographer is the best decision we've made! We only saw them in Facebook and watched some of their works. We had a this is it feeling agad upon watching the videos posted on their page so we decided to get their services immediately.

We are so lucky cos both our engagement shoot and wedding day may typhoon. Still during the shoot and the entire wedding day, it was sunny. We were also blessed with a wonderful sunset on our wedding day! The engagement video was spot on!! After seeing the output we got really excited for our wedding talaga. Everything was perfect. Our requests were taken into consideration and they went beyond our expectations. Sabi nga ng family and friends namin, they are worth every penny!! 🙂

Ohhh plus lahat ng shots namin maganda. Rain or shine, napawow pa rin kami. Our fave part of the engagement shoot was when it rained as we were about to wrap up na. Ralph actually can't stop talking about the rainy shoot. Even now that we're married already, he still goes back and watch the engagement video!

Will definitely get their services again if pwede for birthdays in the future. Sobrang light nila kawork. Happy lang and good vibes all the time. We really enjoyed the shoots and my husband even wanted another set of engagement shoot kasi super enjoy sya with sina Michael, Bon and everyone from the team. We saw how passionate they are with what they do and we felt the love and care they had for us as clients. If pwede lang talaga ikasal ulit eh. 😉

God bless your business more, Theia Films! I'm sure you guys will go so far. You are such a blessing to us -- we love you!!

Ralph & Iana | October 25, 2021
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