A Fun Forever

Remember that saying, “It’s fun being a girl”? Well, we’d have to say it’s fun being THIS girl. Why? Because she’s head over heels in love, of course! For GP and Andi, these photos by Pat Dy is a testament to how much awesomeness there is in finding your soulmate. (Well, it’s a total perk […]

The Look


Everlasting Elegance

If elegance came in the form of rain, Joey and Cacay were front and center to make sure they received every single drop of it. This wedding courtesy of Rock Paper Scissors spells sophistication all over. The first thing that caught our eyes was that Jun Escario dress that could probably launch a thousand ships with its […]

The Look




The Inspire Initiative Sale

As most of you know, The Inspire Initiative has been working hard in engaging the wedding industry, our readers, and those about to get married to take part in raising help for the relief and rehabilitation of those affected by typhoon Yolanda. We’re thrilled to announce that the first two events, The Inspire Couple’s Shoot […]

Behind-the-Scenes of The Inspire Couple’s Shoot Marathon

Words can’t even express how grateful we are for the success of The Inspire Couple’s Shoot Marathon. We’re totally thrilled to announce that through this event, we we’re able to raise: (Drumroll please…) Here’s a group photo we took in one of the booths during the shoot marathon. You must simply see how much fun […]