Fanciful Filipiniana

A new take on the old and a fresh approach to the traditional is not the easiest thing to do, yet I find myself swooning over Nicolo and Izza’s Filipiniana wedding. I also think it’s worth mentioning that the tux definitely complimented that gorgeous gown. Some pretty details here, a modern twist sprinkled there, and a […]

The Look


Video: Serendipity Sweethearts

Because it’s the holidays, we have not one, but two, yes two super sweet vids to share with you. Totally loving Mayad‘s concept of childhood sweethearts for Ryan and Sam’s first video presentation. And I equally adore their wedding day trailer that show’s that gorgeous wedding gown (check out the flounce of that skirt… dreamy!) […]

Masks, Maidens and Merry Madness

A mix of culture and romance, Vince and Ana’s wedding is a pretty pretty sight. I am totally loving the rich and classic hues. But aside from all the affair’s gorgeous details, I’d have to say a favorite would be the cute flower girl dresses. So much beautiful love to go around today. Metrophoto captured this […]

The Look


Young, Yours and Yellow

You guessed it right, it’s yellow day today! Not only do we have a dashing couple, we also have buttons, checkered patterns, pinwheels and other DIY goodies overflowing with cuteness. Inspired by Allan and Sig’s bright-as-sunshine personalities, this wedding radiates a fun-loving/bubbly/relaxed/quirky/childlike vibe (one adjective wasn’t enough to get the idea across)! Yes it’s yellow […]

Style Savvy Sweethearts

Deciding on features are relatively easy for me. When I see a wedding that has that “it” factor, my heart sort of skips a beat and a light bulb lights up over my head with a voice over saying “YES THAT’S THE ONE!” When I saw Duke and Irene’s photos  (somewhere around seeing only 2 […]