From 600 Guests Down to 31: A Destination Wedding to Remember

Planning your dream wedding in the midst of a pandemic could be frustrating. As everything is constantly changing- travel protocols and safety restrictions, it is most likely for a couple to be discouraged. The tendency for those who want to get married during this time is to have no choice but to forgo their dream […]

The Limited Number of Guests Didn’t Stop this Wedding from Being Full of Love!

Like all other couples, Lloyd and Adeth were planning to celebrate with more than just 10 guests. But as the pandemic goes on, they opted to push through with an intimate celebration. The bright smiles on Lloyd and Adeth’s faces will make you want to smile, too. Their excitement is clear even through their masks. […]

The Look


A Wedding with Sunny Hues of Orange and Yellow

I hope the pops of orange, yellow, and pink in Louie and Erika’s wedding will give you some cheerful summer vibes today! Check out how these colors made each of the bridesmaids look radiant. I think these pastel shades of orange and yellow complemented their skin tones beautifully. Their dresses somehow remind me of sunflowers, […]

A Rustic Themed Wedding at the Beach with Fun, Unique Details

A rustic theme at the beach? This wedding is definitely winning us over, especially with its fun and quirky details. Both the bride and the groom opted for white sneakers with cute cartoon versions of them painted under each shoe! Plus, attaching those mini-robot characters to the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnières was such a unique […]

The Look




This Quaint and Intimate Wedding in Batanes Will Give You All the Dreamy Feels

Is it the rugged cliffs, the quaint seclusion, the vast ocean before your eyes, or a mixture of all three–what makes a Batanes wedding so incredibly charming? We haven’t figured that out yet, but I think that’s where the magic lies–in constantly trying to unravel the mystery behind the beauty of Batanes and every wedding […]