Be a Bold and Beautiful Bride with these Pantsuit Gowns!

Pantsuits have definitely been on the rise in various catwalks and fashion shows this year, and we’re totally digging the look! Who says brides can’t look daring and delicate at the same time? Check out some of our favorite looks–don’t be be surprised at how pretty they are that you might actually end up wanting to wear one for your […]

Fashion Friday: Ashi Studio Spring/Summer 2016

Neutrals have never looked more enticing with Ashi Studio’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. If you’re in love with ball gowns or you want your dress to make a statement, then you should definitely take inspiration from this set that we have for you today! Huge gowns that have so much definition, detailed patterns, and exquisite design… Gosh, […]

Top Trends at Paris Haute Couture 2016

Last January 24-28, 2016 we were graced by the presence of stylish and elegant dresses during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Show 2016. A lot of notable designers were able to showcase their amazing creations once again, and we couldn’t help but notice the color trends that popped during the show! Consider this an insider look […]

Fashion Friday: Ashi Studio S/S Haute Couture 2015 Collection

Beirut-based fashion extraordinaire, Ashi Studio, came up with the stunning A Grey Garden: Spring/Summer Haute Couture 2015 Collection, and it’s brilliant in many ways–the sleek cuts, sophisticated and modern style, and intricate details to match. And if you think it’ll be easy to pick THE dress, think again! This collection is like heaven made for the modern-day edgy […]