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Years of hosting a variety of television shows and news programs made RJ Ledesma into the animated and versatile host he is today. RJ is the top choice for weddings, debuts, anniversaries, corporate events, and press and product launches. Because of his professionalism and experience in the hosting industry, RJ was awarded the Best Male Emcee at the 25th Aliw Awards.

RJ writes a regular lifestyle column for the Philippine Star and is the author of the six best-selling books, including I Do Or I Die, RJ’s guide to getting married in the Philippines. RJ has also written several columns on how to prepare for your wedding reception, including these ones in the Philippine Star and his blog.


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“RJ was the perfect host for our perfect wedding. His confidence, friendliness, and sincere happiness for us, the couple, translated to everyone enjoying, cheering, hooting and practically falling off their chairs with laughter. Two years later, people are still talking about how much fun they had and how hilarious the kissing game was. RJ brought everyone together and made our special night the perfect beginning to our marriage.” – Johncy and April Agregado

“With RJ at the helm, we were able to completely relax and just focus on having a good time – as we were sure that he would be able to keep the guests entertained throughout. RJ has a gift of being able to connect to all kinds of people; only he can match Stenie’s dad in terms of cracking the corniest of jokes! We are grateful to have had RJ at our wedding and consider him not just as our host, but as a good friend who was able to bring life to our wedding reception.” – Joseph and Stenie Tay

“We just love RJ’s hosting style – very professional and personal! With him, it’s the right balance of humor and profound moments. We felt that he knew us, and knew his audience. He’s so natural to come up with instantaneous ways to make the program more interesting than it already is. As we told all people present last January 16, 2010. – ‘We couldn’t have gotten anyone better, for our once in a lifetime event’.” – Tyrone and Giza Tang

“As soon as we set the date, RJ was one of the first people we booked as a wedding host for our reception. RJ is a seasoned professional, and your program will benefit from his experience. He was a hit with all our guests–young and old. Getting him as our host was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding reception.” – Brian and Judy Medina

“Somehow, RJ manages to be both professional and personal in his approach to hosting. He makes it a point to meet with his clients and coordinators beforehand so that all the details and expectations are ironed out. He also has a philanthropic side. He asked us that a portion of his professional fee be given to a foundation that he supported. And I think that is the secret why he is such a successful wedding host: he does his job and speaks from the heart. And what a big heart that is!” – Alvin and Katerina Lacambacal

“Hosting, as many would attest, comes naturally for RJ. He can host any event. It’s no surprise that he has put his talent to good use by being a wedding host! As a seasoned wedding host, RJ is very eloquent, spontaneous, and has the ability to keep the guests engaged and entertained.” – Dennis and Kerol Cuyco

“A true testament that we had the BEST HOST: about 90% of our guests stayed on till the end of the program. We kept getting comments weeks after our wedding that it was the MOST FUN wedding they’ve been to and that it was such a happy event. All thanks to dear RJ. We cannot be grateful enough to him for making this milestone so memorable. Everything I hoped for in my very own wedding. Thank you, RJ, over and over again!” – Ben Alviar and Direk Mae Cruz Alviar

“If you are still thinking of who to get as a wedding host, I strongly recommend RJ. Take it from me, it has been a year since our wedding and people are still talking about the couples’ games he facilitated which brought in so much wickedly hilarious memories of my friends who were a part of the game. RJ is truly the best wedding host out there and he will forever be a part of the treasured memories of our most special day.” – Eddie & Katz Santos


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