It’s All About Fashion

As we are beginning to notice pre-nuptial shoots seem to be more and more about fashion as much as it is about love. When before, couples would usually wear their own everyday clothes and have a photographer capture some cute and sweet shots, now is a different A-game. I’m guessing that the couples really want to maximize on the once in a lifetime opportunity to express themselves without reservation, and keep memoirs of their younger days when they could be as daring as they want to be, as individuals and as a pair. Today I decided to show another engagement session shot by our frequent B&B fave Nelwin Uy. The styling was done by the another talented stylist Kate Paras.

This shoot really had the clothes speak volumes about the couple. It’s about boldness, creativity and at a certain  extent, sophistication and glamour. I guarantee it’s so fun to play dress up. So for couples planning to do engagement shoots such as this, I really would suggest you get a trusted stylist that can work well with your photographer.

Travel, Street Chic and Fun

It seems like I am having this love affair with weddings and anything connected to it. I am just so enamored by the beauty, taste and creativity it can possess. As I have previously featured my own post-nuptial shoot, I come with you again with another video that is very close to my heart.

My good friend Anna also known as Kat got married last weekend. She agreed to have Style to the Aisle, a new and tasteful personal styling company to do her conceptualizing and styling for her pre-nuptial photo shoot. Style to the Aisle was created by Rachelle Que, one of the more experienced stylists in the fashion scene of Manila (plus she studied styling in New York) and yours truly, a plain lover of fashion, art and everything in between!  Julius Sebastian, a very talented photographer teamed up with us to make the vision come to life. To read more about Richard and Anna’s shoot click here.

As for now B&B proudly gives you, a quirky, street chic video of a very fun and bubbly couple!

Photography: Julius Sebastian / Styling, Concept and Video Production: Style to the Aisle

Jorg and Barbi

Today is my birthday and oh what a treat! I scanned my email for interesting stuff… and there it was, Jorg and Barbi’s super gorgeous wedding! What better way to make my day lovelier than to be surrounded by loveliness! Jorg and Barbi’s wedding is anything but traditional—it’s overflowing with uniqueness, drama and romance. I could go on and on about the things that B&B loves about this wedding. First is that gorgeous colored dress. Not everyone dares to go for it, and not everyone who does pulls it off; but Barbi in pink sure is one divine bride. And yes, her groom Jorg was also a sight for sore eyes. Very casual and cool, he pulled off the look! Secondly, one of Manila’s genius photographers Pat Dy was behind the camera, capturing all the picture-perfect moments. Keep in mind that this wedding had to stick to a budget, but it’s living proof that a budget doesn’t have to dictate the beauty of your wedding. This is one for the books!

Barbi, one of Manila’s popular make-up artists did her own make-up. She looked stunning.

From the couple:

Why is the wedding so “Jorg and Barbi”?

The wedding was so us because we didn’t subscribe to any tradition or culture or “pamahiin”. Like us, we live our life according to God’s law only and whatever makes us happy. We did it the way we wanted it, the way we envisioned it and the way we dreamed about it. Suggestions from other people were welcome but it was still our decision in the end that mattered.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My most favorite part  was when we were saying our vows. Jorg said “I will follow you wherever you go, your home will be my home and your God will be my God” and that was it—I broke down and cried. I know it took a lot for him to say that with his whole family there, and it showed how much he loves me and will sacrifice anything for me. His favorite part was when I got off the yacht. He didn’t know I was going to come in a yacht and I really wanted to surprise him, so he was really shocked and he cried!

Do you have any DIY projects in your wedding?

I did almost everything for our wedding, from the booking of the suppliers up to the venue and food and cake—even the giveaways! So 90 percent was me!

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was when I had to look for a new venue three weeks before the wedding. I booked a venue as early as July but when I went there for the final check up I discovered that they were the most unprofessional and disorganized company I’ve ever met! It was really tough for me to cancel everything and start from scratch but I had to do it because I didn’t want to be stressed on my wedding day! Looking for a new venue and trying the food again was quite tough, especially when I only had one day to do it. Good thing my mom came with me and my coordinator helped me immensely so I was glad I went with my instincts and did the cancellation because the place we chose was far better and more professional.

Any tips for future brides?

Just let go on the day of the wedding. It will not be perfect and there will always be glitches, but you have no control over it so just breathe and relax and be pretty. The most important thing is that your husband is there and waiting for you at the altar.

Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Gown: Nat Manilag / Coordinator and Florist: Bells and Blooms Boracay (Izy Jingco) / Cake: Lemon Cafe Boracay / Giveaways: Zen Zest (special thanks to Ms. Michelle Asence) / Shoes: Gaupo Shoe Couture (super thanks to Ms. Imelda) / Venue: Hotel Isla / Band: The Patiqueros

The Look




    Bryan and Ethelyn

    Bryan and Ethelyn’s wedding is viciously vintage! It transports you back to the ’40s with all the thematic details of the affair. Can I just say I love the photography of this wedding? Why wouldn’t I? As the saying goes two heads are better than one! In this case, it was a collaboration of a handful of brilliant photographers who captured the most beautiful moments for the couple. The bride simply looked regal in her gown. What a gorgeous sight indeed! It’s always fun to have weddings that make us look twice. This sure is one wedding that got a lot of attention.

    Probably my most favorite picture of the bunch is of Ethelyn’s dad. He looked cute in his suspenders and bow tie. Very vintage dad!

    Even the babies were fashionably in theme with these black lace stockings and hot pink shoes!

    A few words from the couple:

    Why is the wedding so “Bryan and Ethelyn”?

    Bryan: The concept of the whole event was based on what we really want, that is, a dash of the vintage era. We didn’t get a vintage car though, but overall we got what we wanted.

    Ethelyn: The wedding is so us because it basically reflects our personalities. We had Vintage-Autumn Wedding. Bryan and I are kind of old fashioned. I used to think I’m abnormal because I still stick with the songs of 1940s-1960s no matter how versatile the music is in the 21st century. I’m also hooked with the fashion statement of these eras—from the make-up, to the head pieces, gloves and dresses. One word to describe it—classic! I know I won’t be able to wear such gems unless there’s a special occasion, so I grabbed the opportunity and incorporated it in our wedding! The inspiration I got was from the movies The Notebook, Pearl Harbor and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    On the other hand, we also have this attachment to autumn or fall. We love its laid back ambiance. There’s no autumn in our country, but maybe I can compare that to falling leaves. I love how the leaves’ colors change from green to red orange, orange and deep violet. We even had a pictorial lying on dried leaves from three years ago.

    What was your favorite part of the wedding?

    Ethelyn: Our vows! My husband and I made our vows a few hours before the ceremony. It’s crazy! We’re both crammers and it’s one of the best things we did.

    Bryan: My favorite part wasn’t really the food (although it was really good), because of the fact that we got so thrilled by the turnout of the whole event that we were not able to taste what was lined-up for the feast. The most fun part would be the games and the special awards that were given to some of our guests, this being one of the best ways for us to interact with our family and friends. It was like a mini reunion of both of our families.

    Ceremony and Reception: The Lakeshore Tent (Mexico, Pampanga) / Gown: Kate Torralba / Groom’s Suit: Frederick Policarpio / Entourage’s Gowns: Emily Sy / Mothers’ and Little Girls’ Gowns: Glen Canlas / Caterer: Ala Crème / Coordinator: Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea / Photographers: David Hanson and team of Enoxx, Erron Ocampo and Chloe Umali / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Opening Billboard: Guj Tungpalan of Red Sheep / Engagement Session: Toto Villaruel of Imagine Nation / Event Stylist: Pancho Pantig / Bouquets: Mang Boy Mahusay / Music: JJS Entertainment / Lights and DJ: Dynatek / Photo Booth: Pose and Print / Invites: Adworks / Candles: Unity Candles by JM / Entourage’s Head Pieces: RC Lee of Fabrichild

    The Look



    Mike and Joan

    I am so thrilled to share with you a wedding that really made me feel so “in love”. A wedding can be about  fun, excitement, commitment and many other good things. But it’s not often that all of these can be captured in the photos. Mike and Joan’s wedding is one of those weddings that will make you wish you were invited!

    I met Joan over email and what a sweet and endearing lady she is! Learning details and stories behind their wedding made me feel I somehow knew the couple personally.We excitedly talked about her feature which I now proudly present to you guys. Don’t forget to read the few words from the couple because it will make all these photos all the more meaningful and dreamy! All I can say is love, love, love!

    I am loving the casual and fun cake. Although I am not usually a fan of mixing casual with formal, I certainly think this is an exception. Instead of looking tacky, the cake actually spoke volumes about the couple’s relationship and personalities. These miniature snowboarders are the cutest. (FYI: If you look closely at the cake, each character holds a meaning to their love story. First layer: San Francisco where the couple met, that cute dog in the cake looks exactly like Joan’s dog! Second layer: I saw a video of the couple snowboarding and I thought it was genius that they incorporated it in the cake. Third layer: Mike proposed in Honalulu!)

    From the couple:

    Why is the wedding so Mike and Joan?

    Mike and I are practically complete opposites, and I think the way it manifested itself in the wedding were the subtle contrasting themes. Mike is the more serious and proper one, while I’m  the carefree and laid-back type. We debated so long on choosing over a formal indoor vs. casual outdoor wedding that we ended up with a semi-formal open-air venue like Splendido. Also, I requested a “cartoonish” cake, which tells the story of how we met, activities we do together and the proposal. We also mixed our sit-down dinner with a dessert buffet.

    What was your favorite part of the wedding?

    Both of us really loved the homily by Fr. Dacanay. We thought it was the best part of the wedding! It was very personalized and meaningful. Actually during the whole ceremony, we felt so relaxed and we just kept laughing.

    Another favorite of Mike’s was the drive going to the chapel. He said it was full of mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, happiness and nervousness—priceless!

    Mine, on the other hand, was the drive after the ceremony. It felt pretty surreal and it was our private time to talk about what just happened and catch up with each other! We also had each other’s ring engraved with a secret message so we finally got to read it at that time. He had my ring engraved with “Never 4 granted” and I had his engraved with “My greatest adventure”.

    Do you have DIY projects in your wedding?

    Mike created our photo montage video as a wedding gift to me.

    Reception: Splendido / Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Day Coordinator: Ernest Pascual / Full Coordinator and Flowers: Gina de Guzman / Gown: Veluz / Make-Up: Madge Lejano / Hair: Steve of Make Up Studio / Cake: Penk Ching / Band: Sound Salad