Let’s Go International: Steve and Kaisy

It’s Monday and I want to travel. I wish I could go somewhere really beautiful with tall, majestic trees. Yes, I’ve come to realize that I do love trees, even more than flowers actually. I love seeing a lush garden with big oak trees or a beautiful scenic forest. A day in the countryside would really be a good way to spend the day. But as of now, I’m stuck at home. So I go to the next best thing—PHOTOS. And oh what a gorgeous wedding I have for you today. Did I say it loud enough? GORGEOUS!!! Today we travel. Destination: New Zealand! We saved ourselves a few hundred dollars for airfare, thanks to the amazing work of MangoRed Photography. Looking at the pictures made me feel the crisp cool air (well, even if it’s 33°C here in Manila) and the smell of fresh pine.

Wow, a helicopter is just what you need to make this wedding more than perfect!

So the photos have spoken beauty more than any words could. And before you stop saying your “ooohs” and “ahhhs”, the story doesn’t end there. I decided to include their wedding video ’cause it is beyond cute! I love how Kaisy, our Filipina bride just had to use some Tagalog words in her vows, and how Steve made a promise that will make every Pinay happy—to be extra clean and neat! Yey!

Photography: MangoRed / Videography: Joel Salindong Digital Videos (JSDV) / Gown: Vera Wang

The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold, beautiful and breathtaking! At first glance, you might think this is a wedding in Bali or Thailand. But no siree! This is one of our local venues, Punta Fuego, a beach resort in Batangas. I’m having a hard time writing about this wedding. Not because there’s nothing to write about it, but because I can’t seem to find the exact words that can perfectly describe its flavor and entirety. Well as they say, pictures speak a thousand words, so why not let the exceptionally brilliant work of Metrophoto do the talking (although note that I plan to butt in once in a while)!

Punta Fuego is a destination wedding venue that has gained popularity over the years because it’s only a couple of hours drive from Manila. But I must say, I’ve never seen it with a wedding set up as amazing as Stephen and Daphne’s wedding.

An explosion of vibrant colors were so tastefully incorporated in the Thai theme chosen by the couple. The small details make  you feel like you are actually in a different country. I’d have to give credit to the photographer. He did such a good job in capturing (beautifully I might add) all the details that speak volumes about this wedding.

I never thought those colored pamaypays I used to see my grandma use would look this stylish in a wedding! Now I want to get one for myself.

The releasing of lamps is a nice touch that gets the guests involved. The best weddings I’ve attended usually have activities that make everyone feel they are a part of the couple’s celebration. Two thumbs up for the non-traditional program!

Okay, this is one of the “wow” factors for me. As you saw earlier the house used had a Thai theme. This was the same house used for the reception. My oh my, I love private venues. It gives a feeling of intimacy and that special “wow-not-everyone-gets-to-have-their-wedding-here” feeling. With a house as gorgeous as this, who needs a five-star hotel?

If you want to see how beautiful this house is, watch the fun video MG Digital did for the couple (seen at the bottom of the page).

To Stephen and Daphne, thank you for sharing this exquisitely beautiful occasion. May your marriage be as colorful, adventurous and vibrant as your wedding!

And because I enjoyed the photos so much, I couldn’t resist asking the photographer what he enjoyed the most about this wedding.

The wedding was set in one of the most extravagant houses in Punta Fuego. The details available almost seemed limitless and it provided a nice touch to the wedding compared to the typical hotel setting. Also, Daphne, her family and friends, plus the other suppliers who worked the wedding are all fun and crazy—we had a heck of a great time the entire day. – Oly, Metro Photo

Ceremony: Fuego Point, Punta Fuego Batangas / Reception: Wingate Residence, Peninsula de Punta Fuego / Photography: Metro Photo / Videography: MG Digital / Gown & Suit: Jun Escario / Make-up Artist: Lourd Ramos of Emphasis / Coordinator: Liza Lugue-Alvideo of Kasalan

The Look




    Pretty in Pink

    It’s amazing how travel can bring to life so much inspiration and ideas. I currently write to you from the busy streets of Hong Kong, a place that seems to have the most stamps of in my passport. What an amazing time this has been for me and my husband Ian. I am a bit bummed that tonight I fly back to Manila, but the show must go on and it’s always good to have something perk you up on a Monday. If you are a lot  like me, a beautiful wedding will surely do the trick. When Wendy sent me pictures from her big day, I squealed with delight! And even if I was away from home, I knew I had to write about it immediately.

    A wedding that was fun and light is always a thing that most couples strive for. Looking throughout the photos made me think of cotton candy, fairy tales, ballerinas and princesses. It seems like one of those weddings you’ve dreamed of having when you were a child, but this time it’s for real. The bride looked serenely sweet (I love her super cute haircut!) and her groom couldn’t be happier. And pink has definitely made a comeback for this year. Although the color can be a tricky shade, if done with just enough whimsy and style it can be a delight to the eyes. Femininity and charm combined, this wedding is definitely pretty in pink.

    Jelly shoes with Swarovski crystals to match the bride’s gown and headpiece. Next to diamonds, I think crystals are a bride’s best friend.

    This shot is pure romance. Talk about pretty!

    The entourage wore pink and gray. Notice how the guys’ shirts were also pink. Well, what can I say? I love pink on men!

    Because weddings are not just about the couple but also about celebrating family, this video is a top favorite for me.

    Wendy shares:

    “We made a video—a surprise tribute to our parents—with a twist. Alain thanked my parents and I thanked Alain’s parents. We think a lot of the guests were really moved by this video.”

    What a great way to welcome new members of the family!

    From the bride:

    The wedding is quite a traditional Filipino-Chinese wedding. But because I really love fashion, that element was very evident. Our engagement pictures by Pat Dy were displayed the foyer of the ballroom as well as used for an opening video while guests are coming in. I love how people still tell us that it is the most heartwarming wedding they have attended. My favorite part would be my walk down the aisle. Seeing both my mom and especially my dad  crying really meant so much to me. And it made really made the guests cry as well.  Even our other suppliers thought it was an overwhelmingly sentimental bridal walk. To add to more emotional moments, my husband and I actually cried when our wedding pictures were shown.

    Church: Grace Christian Church / Officiating Pastor: Pastor Stephen Tan / Wedding Gown and Entourage Gowns: Larry Espinosa / HMU: Xeng Zulueta / Church Flowers: Robert Blancaflor / Shoes: Limited Edition “Ultragirl Night Sky” by Brazilian designer J.Maskrey with Melissa Australia / Hairpiece: Ken Samudio of Matthew and Melka Luxury Accessories / Videographer: Dominic Velasco of Imacron / Emcee: Mike Lim / Wedding Coordinator: Vangie Go of Wedding Treasures

    It’s All About Fashion

    As we are beginning to notice pre-nuptial shoots seem to be more and more about fashion as much as it is about love. When before, couples would usually wear their own everyday clothes and have a photographer capture some cute and sweet shots, now is a different A-game. I’m guessing that the couples really want to maximize on the once in a lifetime opportunity to express themselves without reservation, and keep memoirs of their younger days when they could be as daring as they want to be, as individuals and as a pair. Today I decided to show another engagement session shot by our frequent B&B fave Nelwin Uy. The styling was done by the another talented stylist Kate Paras.

    This shoot really had the clothes speak volumes about the couple. It’s about boldness, creativity and at a certain  extent, sophistication and glamour. I guarantee it’s so fun to play dress up. So for couples planning to do engagement shoots such as this, I really would suggest you get a trusted stylist that can work well with your photographer.

    Travel, Street Chic and Fun

    It seems like I am having this love affair with weddings and anything connected to it. I am just so enamored by the beauty, taste and creativity it can possess. As I have previously featured my own post-nuptial shoot, I come with you again with another video that is very close to my heart.

    My good friend Anna also known as Kat got married last weekend. She agreed to have Style to the Aisle, a new and tasteful personal styling company to do her conceptualizing and styling for her pre-nuptial photo shoot. Style to the Aisle was created by Rachelle Que, one of the more experienced stylists in the fashion scene of Manila (plus she studied styling in New York) and yours truly, a plain lover of fashion, art and everything in between!  Julius Sebastian, a very talented photographer teamed up with us to make the vision come to life. To read more about Richard and Anna’s shoot click here.

    As for now B&B proudly gives you, a quirky, street chic video of a very fun and bubbly couple!

    Photography: Julius Sebastian / Styling, Concept and Video Production: Style to the Aisle