Feathers and Frou Frous

Don and Gemma’s wedding is all about colored goodness and funky feathers. But aside from the catchy palette there is another thing that I declared as a visual enjoyment in these photos. I love it when an element in a wedding surprises me. In this case, it was the flower girl dresses. Time and time I’ve said that in my opinion, one of the most crucial things you can add a twist to are the little girl’s outfits. To make a better description, think walking decor!

Photography: Jorem and Sheila Catilo / Videography: Threelogy / Flower Girl Dresses: Etsy / Church: Caleruega / Reception: Sonya’s Garden

Pretty Meets Punk

Today will be the first time we will showcase Rock Paper Scissors Photography. Just because they are new to Bride and Breakfast, it doesn’t mean they are not a force to reckon with. In fact, I am totally digging the engagement trailer of our super beautiful couple, Adrian and Pansy. It has a funky energy to it, but still captures that ever-elusive element of classic romance.

From beginning to end, this video gave me reasons to relish it more and more every second it played. But before we delve into this pre-wedding wonderment, let me tell you a few reasons why this video is watch-worthy. First of, who wouldn’t delight in this drop dead ga-ga-gorgeous Vera Wang wedding gown (I did almost choose it for myself when I was looking for my own dress!). Secondly, the contrast of rugged street life and the elegant and chic attire of the couple is a magical mash-up of pretty and punk. Last but not the least, the musical scoring is enchantingly impeccable. With all these awe-inspiring elements lined up, you will find yourself feeling hopelessly in love today. I know I am.

Photography: Rock Paper Scissors / Location: Hong Kong / Music: “Distance” by Neverending White Light and “So Here We Are” (Acoustic Version) by Bloc Party

Hang Loose

Aloha! I guess that’s a clue on how today’s wedding will look like. And because the skies are looking a bit gray today, we figured you’d want a little color to brighten up your morning. You might think that this wedding was shot in Hawaii. Apparently, it’s not! A hawaiian-themed wedding, set in Los Angeles, with a couple of two different nationalities, and an amazing Filipino photographer to capture it all. Talk about international! As they say, love has no preferred color anyway. Hang loose!

Photography: Pat Dy

Historical Charm

It seems like we are having an overflow of engagement shoots this week at B&B! But who’s counting anyway? Besides, we can never get enough of love. So here’s our engagement feature of the day: vintage charm meets local history. Old is definitely not boring. I’m loving the bricks, old washed-out walls and the mix of greenery along the way. Glenn and Jen’s personalities radiated in this fun and relaxed theme.

This is my most favorite shot in the set. Its all about the details: old brick walls, a vintage print on the dress, and the cute old-school luggage.

Accessories can make or break a shot. This one makes it! Key elements: suspenders, beret, and a cute classic dress & detailed hairpiece.

Photography: Noel Salazar of Imagine Nation / Location: Intramuros, Manila

The Look




Three’s Not a Crowd

The fun thing about engagement shoots is that you can choose to be anyone you want to be. It’s like theater in some way or another. Sometimes couples choose a theme that reflects who they are, while some take it as an opportunity to wow others by doing something that is totally out of character. Either way, it can be an amazing experience. Here’s Ariel and Ichie’s e-session with Marvin Dungao. Having three totally different looks (they actually had more, I just chose my faves!), they definitely are an adventurous pair.

Look 1: ” The Korean Love Story ” Look

Look 2: “The Quirky Plaids and Eyeglasses” Look

Look 3: “The Lost in Japan” Look

Photography: Marvin Dungao of The 12 Masters Photography