Hip and Happy

This is officially the first wedding I will feature this year. And because I wanted to start with something memorable, I decided to write about Angelo and Rin’s wedding full of D.I.Y. details (yes, a lot of it was done by the couple and their friends!) and super cute elements. This a bit of rock, a bit of whimsy and I guess a whole lot of good ol’ hipster romance.

We’ve been getting a lot of submissions and we’re definitely looking forward to more. You must know that here at B&B, we love DETAILS! Remember to stay clear of over-styling and cliché themes, and instead add small and adorable elements that will enhance whatever theme you choose.

Here are some things that made me go bonkers over Angelo and Rin’s big day:

  1. The super cute entourage dresses by Mich Dulce. It’s like I’m in wonderland.
  2. The unique boutonniere and that oh-so-brilliant cassette tape belt buckle.
  3. A musician’s theme because basically these two are musicians–notice all the small details that support it–shoes, rings, cake topper, and his and her’s guitars.
  4. Old typewriters used as decor, as well as for having guests type their wedding well wishes. (That’s pretty fun!)
  5. A real cotton candy stand and cotton candy bouquets!!!

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The Look


Fashion Friday: Mi Sueño Bridal 2012 Collection Launch

You all know how much I LOOOVVEE wedding gowns. So when I received my invite to the Mi Sueño Bridal 2012 Collection Launch, I was over-the-moon excited to see the dresses! I remember having such a wonderful experience accompanying my friend to their salon (which you can read about here), that I knew the launch will be equally memorable. The event, which was in collaboration with Metro Weddings, featured mainly their beautiful selection of Pronovias gowns. It was such an elegant affair and yes, having front row seats to the show did not hurt one bit.

A really witty press kit. Who knew tea and gowns would be such a good match?

This feathered ball gown is my absolute favorite. The back is so stunning. But I guess you’d have to go to the salon to see for yourself!

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The Nook: 2012 – A Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

For almost two years I have been blogging about beautiful weddings and amazing inspirations. 2012 becomes more real as the days of January roll in, and I can’t help but feel more and more elated at the promise this whole new year brings.

I remember that God placed this desire in my heart to share what inspires me, to help brides by imparting style ideas, to use the talent He has given me to write about the beautiful things and celebrate wonderful relationships. It still seems very surreal when I receive emails from strangers who have been impacted by B&B (yes, every added blog subscriber, Facebook fan and Twitter follower still gives me butterflies in my stomach!),  and I definitely still can’t believe the idea when people say that Bride and Breakfast has made a mark in the Philippine wedding industry.

I say these things not because I want to put B&B on a pedestal but because I want to share how immensely grateful I am. I thank God for blessing the work of my hands daily, I thank the couples and vendors who have graciously allowed me to write about their affairs, and of course I thank you, the ever so faithful follower of the blog.

There are so many things that I want to do this year. And hopefully I will be excellent in pursuing all the creative ideas that are brewing in my head. But more than just blogging, I want you to know that I would love to build friendships with all of you, anyway we do have one thing in common–hopeless romantics who are suckers for pretty bridal inspiration.

So again, here’s to the year ahead! May B&B continue to be part of your daily dose of beauty and inspiration.

Hugs and love,

A favorite photo shot by Francis Perez during my honeymoon in Japan.


A Glittering 2012

I am totally excited for 2012! I just want to thank everyone for the support you have been giving Bride and Breakfast. As we start the year together, I am looking forward to all the beautiful affairs, breathtaking inspiration and jaw-dropping ensembles that we will feature here. Again you can expect that we will try to give you the best of the best, the prettiest of the prettiest. And yes, stay tuned for new surprises coming your way.

So here’s to 2012, a year of pure prettiness and charming fêtes. Of course the best way to kick off the year is to give you some glam inspiration.  Sending hugs and love to y’all!

Have a Glittering New Year!

The Look



    Floral Fever

    What a colorful year 2011 has been for Bride and Breakfast. It warms my heart thinking how we’ve met so many new friends through all these beautiful weddings. But before I go on with my emotional sentiments, I wanna make sure I end the year with some color. I was very touched with the letter the groom (YES, THE GROOM) wrote me in hopes that he could surprise his new wife. Here’s his letter and some flowery goodness.

    Dearest Bride & Breakfast,

    This letter is admittedly unorthodox in that it is the groom—and not the bride—who is writing to you. While I was heavily hands-on during the preparations, it was my lovely wife, Jennifer, who conceptualized everything from the theme—French-Bohemian or, as Jen terms it, “Pari(s)-Boheme”—to the smaller, oft-neglected details, such as the boutonniere. I still vividly recall her combing through innumerable websites and scrutinizing volumes of wedding magazines and similar literature to distill elements of what, at least for us, was a perfect wedding.

    And I remember Jen reading through, and painstakingly studying, the content of what then was the Bride & Breakfast Blog—arguably modest in presentation and (online) presence, but unquestionably grand in vision.

    I am writing to you now to not only congratulate you on your elevation to a full website, but also, and more important, to thank you for being such an immense blessing to us.

    Further, this letter, assuming it is featured in your website, will not only be a delightful surprise to my wife (who is completely unaware of this letter), but also an opportunity to enable us, through you, to also aid couples (and even couples-to-be) in preparing for what readily is, and should be, the most memorable moment of their lives.


    Atty. Andre R. de Jesus

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    The Look