Starry-eyed Sweethearts

One thing I love about Bride and Breakfast is that I meet so many people. From brides, to hopeless romantics, to vendors and lovers of the romanticism sweet I do’s bring. Blossoming friendships and discovering lifelong relationships make everything worth my time.

So I found myself quite teary-eyed (at 3am in the morning at that!) when brilliant blogger/bride-to-be/new friend Patty Laurel sent this heartwarming letter my way:

Dear Bride and Breakfast,

I’ve been a secret happy reader of your blog for several months now. I’d browse endlessly through your posts and get lost in a daydream seeing all these happy couples! I even told Patrick once before that I desperately wanted to click LIKE on one of your posts but I was worried this would cause bit of a controversy if my friends see a wedding blog link on my wall. As soon as we got engaged, Patrick joked “Yihee! Now you can click LIKE on all those wedding posts!” Today, I’m not only clicking LIKE, I’m actually sharing something really personal to you and your readers.

Tadahhh!!! Here’s our first engagement shoot by Mangored! ☺

Barely a week after our engagement, we were approached by one of the members of the Mangored team at a friend’s wedding. We had a short chat about weddings and photography and before we knew it we were planning a prenup shoot with them already! Having been fans of their work for some time now, Patrick and I just knew we had to book them right away.

Browsing through travel blogs and websites has been a daily habit of mine for years. And in one of my virtual adventures, I stumbled across beautiful photos of a Holi Powder fight in a small town in India. The colors left me stunned and it instantly became our peg for our engagement shoot. We wanted it to be colorful, playful, and happy-happy-joy-joy!

I’ve done modeling for a couple of years now but I was surprisingly nervous for this shoot! First of all, how do you act all mushy and sweet in front of the camera? Yikes! It took me a while to warm up because I was extremely shy. Patrick delighted in my shyness and cuddled, bear-hugged, smooched, and whispered cheesy lines to me to make me more relaxed. So the whole time they were shooting us, I was just laughing out loud to his baduy tactics which of course made him even more gung-ho to be affectionate and poke fun at me!

Mangored is a breath of fresh air. Their style is never contrived or stiff. Even just talking to them in between takes put us both at ease. They let us play around and be ourselves throughout the shoot. It didn’t feel like a photo shoot at all. It was more like Patrick and I went on a date and they just tagged along… with their cameras. It also helped to have good friends Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Jasmine Mendiola to make us look good in our natural state. We felt comfortable and enjoyed the whole experience!

Here’s to more fun, fun, fun engagement shoots ☺

Your fan and friend,

Here it is, Patrick and Patty’s ahhh-mmmaaazzing and totally unique engagement shoot. I definitely think these two lovebirds embody the best of being engaged. Patrick takes the challenge to romance, while Patty embraces being romanced. I love ’em already!

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The Look


Rain and Romance

Remember the cute and retro Stepford Wives-themed engagement shoot of Peewee and Camille? Being the brains behind the The Best-Case Scenario certainly was a plus is being exposed to all things wedding, making their own so splendidly fun, homey and quirky. Splashes of rainbow-colored deets, vintage elements and delicious treats leave me daydreaming about how fanciful wedding festivities can be. No wonder Noel Salazar had so many gorgeous photos of this affair. Love is in the air here at B&B!

The theme is Rainy Wedding / Under One Umbrella because of the month of the wedding which is July. So the elements used in the styling are umbrellas, clouds and crystal beads for rain.
And when it’s raining, where is the best place to be? Of course at home. Where it is cozy and you’re relaxed. That’s the main concept of the reception area. We used cupboards, side tables and couch for the couple’s area, flower boxes on fences, books, vintage colorful candleholders, picture frames and vases for the centerpieces. (Also, some of the furniture we used is custom made and designed by us. We had it made for the wedding and for our home). “Under One Umbrella” also symbolizes our unity as a couple under one umbrella that binds us – God.

– Camille

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The Nook: Invitation from the Editor – Two to Eternity

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary last Sunday. Two years down, forever to go! We didn’t do anything fancy. In fact we just ended up having a simple dinner and a late-night movie. But you know what? I loved it!

As much as I enjoy writing about weddings, Bride and Breakfast would not be what it is today if not for the help and support Ian gives me. And I cannot believe how he and I are such a perfect fit for each other. But in any marriage, it takes hard work, so we make sure we do everything to enrich our relationship!

I don’t usually talk about events but when I found out about this, it was too good to miss. So for our married readers, I wanna take time to invite you to Three 2 Tango, a marriage retreat. I can’t wait to go myself because the materials to be discussed are so practical. (Eeep! Excited!) So if you’re interested, register! And I am most certainly hoping to meet some of you there!


  1. God’s Design for Marriage
  2. Roles in Marriage
  3. Communication (Love and True Forgiveness)
  4. Special Issues (In-Laws, Finances and an Open Forum)
  5. God’s Design for Intimacy and Energizing Your Marriage
  6. Leaving a Legacy

Website: Three 2 Tango / Date: February 17 to 19, 2012 / Venue: CCT Tagaytay Retreat and Training Center / Cost: P 6,950 per couple (inclusive of room and six meals)

Limited slots only!

Wish Upon a Sparkling Star

There’s something surreal about marrying the love of your life underneath the beautiful sky, sprinkled with a million sparkling stars. And that’s why Duane and April’s wedding theme is just that. I am extremely thankful that Ernest Pascual made sure this festively detailed fête got submitted to Bride and Breakfast. Who said wishing on a star is only for little kids? These two definitely got what they dreamed of, and I bet so much more.

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Easy Breezy Bash

Let’s begin the day with an easy breezy affair. This is for those loving seaside I do’s, because Richard and Pauline’s by-the-ocean wedding is definitely gorgeous, laid-back and exceedingly romantic and inspiring. Going for a simple, clean and fresh vibe with pops of color here and there, there’s no wonder it turned out beautifully. Thanks to Toto Villaruel of Imagine Nation for sending this our way. What a Tuesday thrill!

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The Look