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One of the most important accessories of a bride is her bouquet. It definitely is something that will show not only her personality but her style as well. I was hopelessly smitten when Dylan of Vatel Manila sent over pictures of these customized and so-gorgeous-beyond-words bouquets. And if there was such a thing as a bouquet do-over, I might just find myself running to them for a little bit of elegant ooomph and understated pizzazz! We’re so glad we can show their impeccable work here at B&B. You’ll be amazed how these floral fancies will tickle your Monday morning.

A little something from Vatel Manila:

Our aesthetic can be described as ‘refined simplicity’. We are not huge fans of production-number weddings that clearly define what event styling is now in Manila. We are fans of small, cozy spaces and for larger events, clean spaces with very minimal details. Every venue is a canvass for us to transform using simple but lovely setups that define you and your personal style.

For now, we are focused on doing entourage flowers more than doing reception or church setups. Over the years, we have striven to produce unique bridal bouquet designs that are never repeated. The design is made for you and you alone. It will not be repeated for another bride.

Vatel Manila is into the SoCal (Southern California) look: fresh, oftentimes loose, airy, feminine arrangements that are full of character and texture. Our bouquets are a marriage of the world’s best flowers and those coming from local flower farms. We strive to strike a balance between meeting the requirements for function & beauty, as well as upholding our duty to support the environment and promoting job creation for Filipino flower farmers.

In doing design, we get our inspiration from abroad where a lot of truly inspired ideas come from. Since there is a tendency for local businesses to copy each other’s works, we feel that there is a need to be unique in every way (an understatement!) and to promote a culture of simplicity and good taste in every aspect of design.

Apart from working on ideas, we also aim to educate. “The biggest challenge of design is to be able to work with your clients whose needs you have to answer. The main work of a designer is to police and polish the client’s style.” (Ito Kish)

We are our own severe judge and taskmaster. We despise stagnation. We try not to follow trends yet still be in fashion. Our raison d’etre is to bring beauty to Philippine weddings. As a huge fan of architecture, we likewise subscribe to the Vitruvian design model: Utilitas, firmitas et venustas. Functionality, Quality, and Impact.

With these things in mind, do know that you’re in safe hands with us.

Photos Courtesy of: Vatel Manila

Bouquets: Vatel Manila

Video: Paul and Criz Boracay Affair

One of my favorite seaside affairs is Paul and Criz’s wacky and wonderful wedding. And what a joy it was to discover their wedding video. If you’re a sucker for the I do’s as much as I am, chances are you also love to watch same-day edits. I think Cinemaworks is one of the most talented and promising videographers in the bridal scene today (yes, oh yes, I love their style!), and it’s just our luck because we have this video to back that up. Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!

Videography: Cinemaworks

The Look



The Young and Romantic

There’s just something so fun about engagement shoots. And for Robert and Christine, that meant lotsa’ color,  heaps of laughter and good ol’ romantic banter. Free-spirited but still maintaining a dainty and sweet approach (good idea!), these photos have a way of just making you feel loved. I guess it totally made a difference that Cherryblocks Photography was there to sprinkle their signature style of youthful vibrance in each frame. Hello Tuesday!

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The Look



The Dashing and Divine

I see so many beautiful weddings on a daily basis, but if there was one wedding that is totally in my dream wedding look book this would be it! Again Nelwin Uy made sure the best of this day was captured on film. Howard and Lada’s wedding shouts exquisite taste and elegance. From the soft color palette  to the fresh and clean vibe, I can not help but gush over how pretty, I mean REALLY PRETTY this affair is. C’mon, you’ve got to agree with me when I say this is hands down one of the most romantic fetes you have ever laid your eyes on. A dashingly beautiful couple, paired with those glittering bridemaid dresses and that perfect reception decor makes every bit fabulously timeless.

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Photographer: Nelwin Uy

The Look


Starry-eyed Sweethearts

One thing I love about Bride and Breakfast is that I meet so many people. From brides, to hopeless romantics, to vendors and lovers of the romanticism sweet I do’s bring. Blossoming friendships and discovering lifelong relationships make everything worth my time.

So I found myself quite teary-eyed (at 3am in the morning at that!) when brilliant blogger/bride-to-be/new friend Patty Laurel sent this heartwarming letter my way:

Dear Bride and Breakfast,

I’ve been a secret happy reader of your blog for several months now. I’d browse endlessly through your posts and get lost in a daydream seeing all these happy couples! I even told Patrick once before that I desperately wanted to click LIKE on one of your posts but I was worried this would cause bit of a controversy if my friends see a wedding blog link on my wall. As soon as we got engaged, Patrick joked “Yihee! Now you can click LIKE on all those wedding posts!” Today, I’m not only clicking LIKE, I’m actually sharing something really personal to you and your readers.

Tadahhh!!! Here’s our first engagement shoot by Mangored! ☺

Barely a week after our engagement, we were approached by one of the members of the Mangored team at a friend’s wedding. We had a short chat about weddings and photography and before we knew it we were planning a prenup shoot with them already! Having been fans of their work for some time now, Patrick and I just knew we had to book them right away.

Browsing through travel blogs and websites has been a daily habit of mine for years. And in one of my virtual adventures, I stumbled across beautiful photos of a Holi Powder fight in a small town in India. The colors left me stunned and it instantly became our peg for our engagement shoot. We wanted it to be colorful, playful, and happy-happy-joy-joy!

I’ve done modeling for a couple of years now but I was surprisingly nervous for this shoot! First of all, how do you act all mushy and sweet in front of the camera? Yikes! It took me a while to warm up because I was extremely shy. Patrick delighted in my shyness and cuddled, bear-hugged, smooched, and whispered cheesy lines to me to make me more relaxed. So the whole time they were shooting us, I was just laughing out loud to his baduy tactics which of course made him even more gung-ho to be affectionate and poke fun at me!

Mangored is a breath of fresh air. Their style is never contrived or stiff. Even just talking to them in between takes put us both at ease. They let us play around and be ourselves throughout the shoot. It didn’t feel like a photo shoot at all. It was more like Patrick and I went on a date and they just tagged along… with their cameras. It also helped to have good friends Bianca Santiago-Reinoso and Jasmine Mendiola to make us look good in our natural state. We felt comfortable and enjoyed the whole experience!

Here’s to more fun, fun, fun engagement shoots ☺

Your fan and friend,

Here it is, Patrick and Patty’s ahhh-mmmaaazzing and totally unique engagement shoot. I definitely think these two lovebirds embody the best of being engaged. Patrick takes the challenge to romance, while Patty embraces being romanced. I love ’em already!

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