Forever Filipiniana

It’s rare for us to see couples who go for that cute and quirky Filipiniana theme. It’s a good thing Cy and Berns justified this adorable theme with details that really made their wedding stand out. It is nothing too serious nor stiff, in fact it was bursting with charm, fun and little bit of silly humor. Jay Jay Lucas of Imagine Nation Photography captured the moment’s light and cozy feel. As they would say in Tagalog “Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!”

I added some cute shots from a guest at the wedding and also an Imagine Nation photographer, Noel Salazar

Ceremony and Reception: Ayala Greenfield / Photography: Jay Jay Lucas of Imagine Nation Photography / Videography: Wang Videography / Gown: Joel Escober / Catering: K by Cunanan Catering / Makeup Artist: Rae Venturanza

Cozy Aussie

Australia has always been one of my favorite places to vacay to. I love the laid back culture, the super-friendly locals and the beautiful beaches. So it’s safe to say I was not in any way surprised that our feature today is going to be super cute. A little mix of the Pat Dy style, the Aussie vibe, and our couple’s chemistry–we got a winner here folks! Let’s have a little fun in the sun!

Photography: Pat Dy / Location: Australia

True Love and a Tree

I’ve wanted to write about this wedding for a while now. However, I had to wait for a couple of things before everything was in perfect order. And today they are! What a picture-perfect union this is. Because the couple is both exposed to the world of fashion (Vanessa is a model and Jun is a photographer… how cute right?), it comes as no surprise that their wedding is going to be our style candy for the day.

I don’t know the couple personally but a few of my friends do, and believe me, they were all praises for this kind-hearted tandem. It’s rare to come across weddings that stir your heart even without being there. This is one of those exceptional ones.

This video by Threelogy is a must-see!

Mayad also made two other videos. This one is of their after-party celebration in Whitespace, the other we featured before was is their pre-wedding trailer. I couldn’t resist showing this one because it’s such a fun video! Who would say no to a wedding that’s overflowing with laughter, energy and a free Blackberry?

From the bride:

Since I was a kid my dream wedding was to get married under a tree and I pictured that in my mind so many times. None of those times came close to what we had on our wedding day. My husband coincidently wanted to get married under a tree as well. We researched for a tree around the Philippines but couldn’t find one so we decided to just get married in a Garden and scratch that perfect tree off the list. Lo and behold, a month before the ceremony we did our ocular inspection of Bellarocca and we found the tree of our dreams and it came with a beautiful sunset view as a bonus.

I believe every wedding is unique, even if you have the same suppliers and music. Our wedding was such a blessing, it was orchestrated by God. Our guests felt the presence of God, and it showed in every tear they shared with us that day. One week before my wedding I got my wedding gown from the original designer I hired, it wasn’t what I expected, and to make things worse it was a week before the wedding. This was when my angels got together. So many designers offered me their gowns, but John Herrera stood out with his amazing vision and heart. He gave me my perfect wedding gown as an early wedding present. He was just one of the people used by God to make our dream wedding come true.

Ceremony: Bellarocca / Post-wedding reception: Whitespace Manila / Gown: John Herrera / Post-wedding reception dress: Pepsi Herrera / Florist & Event Stylist: Teddy Manuel / Photographer: MangoRed / Videographer: Threelogy and Mayad / Wedding Coordinator: Christine Ong Te / Caterer: Josiah’s Catering / Invitations: Printsonalities / Entertainment: Cirkulo Band and Impressions Music Ensemble / Hair & Make-Up: Bride / Entourage: Julie Ebio and Carol Hoese

The Look




    Pretty and Pines

    Call me traditional but I still think that Baguio is one of the most romantic cities in the Philippines. Apparently I have Darwin and Andrea to back me up on that theory. Can you imagine smelling the scent of fresh pine and cuddling close to a loved one in that chilly but nonetheless dreamy weather?

    This wedding channels a homey and classic feel, overflowing with soft details and a hint of French charm. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a couple as gorgeous and stylish as these two (yes, I think that gown is frothy-licious and that suit has dashing written all over it)! With weddings as pretty as this, it will always be worth the trip up the mountains.

    Church: Baguio Cathedral / Reception: Camp John Hay Golf Club / Photographer: Mangored / Videographer: Threelogy / Gown: Patrice Ramos-Diaz / Tux: Paul Cabral / Entourage: Martin Bautista / Coordinator: Rita Neri Event Planners / Make-up: Robbie Pinera / Hair: Raymond Santiago / Flowers: Flowers & Events by Teddy Manuel / Cake: Penk Ching / Invitations: Amis Print

    Arie and Her Drop-Dead Dreamy Day

    Today might come as surprise to all of you! For the first time ever, we are featuring a celebration that is not a wedding. Now I have a few good reasons why I am doing this. First, the styling of is ridiculously pretty. Second, brides can definitely learn a thing or two and be inspired to go for a DIY/Martha Stewart-ish/Shabby Chic theme. And thirdly, this post could not come at a better timing with my pregnancy.

    So Buding Aquino-Dee, an award-winning mom and certified breastfeeding counselor (hooray!) threw her little princess the most fabulous party ever. Yes, this is a kiddie party but better get ready for some pure prettiness. Karen Ilagan did an excellent job capturing this beautiful bash (FYI, she also shoots weddings)! The styling was done by Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland under the direction of our chic mom/style visionary! If her daughter’s first birthday looks like this, I see little Arie’s wedding featured in B&B 25 years from now! Brilliant, just brilliant!

    Photography: Karen Ilagan / Styling: Bambi Hernandez of Alice’s Wonderland under the direction of Buding Aquino-Dee / Venue: Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse