Bryan and Ethelyn

Bryan and Ethelyn’s wedding is viciously vintage! It transports you back to the ’40s with all the thematic details of the affair. Can I just say I love the photography of this wedding? Why wouldn’t I? As the saying goes two heads are better than one! In this case, it was a collaboration of a handful of brilliant photographers who captured the most beautiful moments for the couple. The bride simply looked regal in her gown. What a gorgeous sight indeed! It’s always fun to have weddings that make us look twice. This sure is one wedding that got a lot of attention.

Probably my most favorite picture of the bunch is of Ethelyn’s dad. He looked cute in his suspenders and bow tie. Very vintage dad!

Even the babies were fashionably in theme with these black lace stockings and hot pink shoes!

A few words from the couple:

Why is the wedding so “Bryan and Ethelyn”?

Bryan: The concept of the whole event was based on what we really want, that is, a dash of the vintage era. We didn’t get a vintage car though, but overall we got what we wanted.

Ethelyn: The wedding is so us because it basically reflects our personalities. We had Vintage-Autumn Wedding. Bryan and I are kind of old fashioned. I used to think I’m abnormal because I still stick with the songs of 1940s-1960s no matter how versatile the music is in the 21st century. I’m also hooked with the fashion statement of these eras—from the make-up, to the head pieces, gloves and dresses. One word to describe it—classic! I know I won’t be able to wear such gems unless there’s a special occasion, so I grabbed the opportunity and incorporated it in our wedding! The inspiration I got was from the movies The Notebook, Pearl Harbor and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

On the other hand, we also have this attachment to autumn or fall. We love its laid back ambiance. There’s no autumn in our country, but maybe I can compare that to falling leaves. I love how the leaves’ colors change from green to red orange, orange and deep violet. We even had a pictorial lying on dried leaves from three years ago.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Ethelyn: Our vows! My husband and I made our vows a few hours before the ceremony. It’s crazy! We’re both crammers and it’s one of the best things we did.

Bryan: My favorite part wasn’t really the food (although it was really good), because of the fact that we got so thrilled by the turnout of the whole event that we were not able to taste what was lined-up for the feast. The most fun part would be the games and the special awards that were given to some of our guests, this being one of the best ways for us to interact with our family and friends. It was like a mini reunion of both of our families.

Ceremony and Reception: The Lakeshore Tent (Mexico, Pampanga) / Gown: Kate Torralba / Groom’s Suit: Frederick Policarpio / Entourage’s Gowns: Emily Sy / Mothers’ and Little Girls’ Gowns: Glen Canlas / Caterer: Ala Crème / Coordinator: Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea / Photographers: David Hanson and team of Enoxx, Erron Ocampo and Chloe Umali / Videographer: Bob Nicolas / Opening Billboard: Guj Tungpalan of Red Sheep / Engagement Session: Toto Villaruel of Imagine Nation / Event Stylist: Pancho Pantig / Bouquets: Mang Boy Mahusay / Music: JJS Entertainment / Lights and DJ: Dynatek / Photo Booth: Pose and Print / Invites: Adworks / Candles: Unity Candles by JM / Entourage’s Head Pieces: RC Lee of Fabrichild

The Look



Mike and Joan

I am so thrilled to share with you a wedding that really made me feel so “in love”. A wedding can be about  fun, excitement, commitment and many other good things. But it’s not often that all of these can be captured in the photos. Mike and Joan’s wedding is one of those weddings that will make you wish you were invited!

I met Joan over email and what a sweet and endearing lady she is! Learning details and stories behind their wedding made me feel I somehow knew the couple personally.We excitedly talked about her feature which I now proudly present to you guys. Don’t forget to read the few words from the couple because it will make all these photos all the more meaningful and dreamy! All I can say is love, love, love!

I am loving the casual and fun cake. Although I am not usually a fan of mixing casual with formal, I certainly think this is an exception. Instead of looking tacky, the cake actually spoke volumes about the couple’s relationship and personalities. These miniature snowboarders are the cutest. (FYI: If you look closely at the cake, each character holds a meaning to their love story. First layer: San Francisco where the couple met, that cute dog in the cake looks exactly like Joan’s dog! Second layer: I saw a video of the couple snowboarding and I thought it was genius that they incorporated it in the cake. Third layer: Mike proposed in Honalulu!)

From the couple:

Why is the wedding so Mike and Joan?

Mike and I are practically complete opposites, and I think the way it manifested itself in the wedding were the subtle contrasting themes. Mike is the more serious and proper one, while I’m  the carefree and laid-back type. We debated so long on choosing over a formal indoor vs. casual outdoor wedding that we ended up with a semi-formal open-air venue like Splendido. Also, I requested a “cartoonish” cake, which tells the story of how we met, activities we do together and the proposal. We also mixed our sit-down dinner with a dessert buffet.

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Both of us really loved the homily by Fr. Dacanay. We thought it was the best part of the wedding! It was very personalized and meaningful. Actually during the whole ceremony, we felt so relaxed and we just kept laughing.

Another favorite of Mike’s was the drive going to the chapel. He said it was full of mixed emotions of excitement, anxiety, happiness and nervousness—priceless!

Mine, on the other hand, was the drive after the ceremony. It felt pretty surreal and it was our private time to talk about what just happened and catch up with each other! We also had each other’s ring engraved with a secret message so we finally got to read it at that time. He had my ring engraved with “Never 4 granted” and I had his engraved with “My greatest adventure”.

Do you have DIY projects in your wedding?

Mike created our photo montage video as a wedding gift to me.

Reception: Splendido / Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Day Coordinator: Ernest Pascual / Full Coordinator and Flowers: Gina de Guzman / Gown: Veluz / Make-Up: Madge Lejano / Hair: Steve of Make Up Studio / Cake: Penk Ching / Band: Sound Salad

SoleMates: Your Shoe’s Best Friend

Have you ever attended an outdoor wedding or event and got frustrated with how your expensive footwear seemed to just sink lower and lower into the grass? How painful it is to have those brand new stiletto heels stained with soil. What more if they were satin or some delicate material that can easily get scratched or smeared?

This was one of my main dilemmas when I decided to have a garden wedding. I knew it would be a challenge and I didn’t  want to trip or be conscious when my heels started to sink. One day, I stumbled upon one of the greatest inventions that will end the ongoing feud between my stilettos and the green grass. SoleMates is a company that sells heel plugs to prevent your gorgeous shoes from puncturing holes in the grass. It also is good for preventing your heels getting stuck in between cobblestone, wooden decks and metal grates. Shoes are not cheap and having these plugs will also protect them from immediate wear and tear. The even greater thing about this product is that you can actually use them everyday too!

I still have around 7 brand-new pairs left from my wedding and I’m selling them for PHP650 each. Maybe that’s a small price to pay for what it will save you from shoe damage.

Check out the SoleMates site to discover how crazy genius this product is!

Mark and Tina

Mark and Tina’s vintage extravaganza surely is one wedding full of creative details. For those who are into themed weddings, this one makes a statement. It is both bold and beautiful and definitely speaks of the love and romance the couple shares with each other. The photographer Nelwin Uy is one of my favorite wedding photographers. The pictures reflect the fun and candidness of the celebration alongside the cozy and caring atmosphere surrounding Mark and Tina. Enjoy this eye candy and read through as the couple shares some of their wedding experiences.

A few words from the couple:

Why is the wedding so “Mark and Tina”?

Mark: Our theme was the ’40s. For a start, Tina, my bride is an “old soul”—she likes listening to old jazz music and adores the fashion in that era. And for me, I like vintage stuff. I own a not-so-vintage vespa and I like the details of old stuff. We both are hopeless romantics too. So we went for that theme.

What was your favorite part about the wedding?

Tina: The preparation! Making sure that even the small details would look perfect with our theme.

Mark: I love the ceremony part which was in the seawall garden of Sofitel. God gave us a beautiful sunset.

Did you have DIY projects in your wedding?

Tina: Yup! I took over making our centerpieces, lace umbrellas for the guests during the ceremony, dedication envelopes, pens w/ feathers & pearls, picnic set up at the ceremony, and did the gowns of the entourage, as I am a designer.

Mark: It was my idea to make the invitation a newspaper, and supervised the layout and feel of the invite and envelope. I also conceptualized the real living room set up of the photobooth. I shot our prenup as well.

Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Videographer: Mayad / Flowers: Flowers & Foliage / Band: Aileen Balon / Venue: Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Seawall and Grand Ballroom / Make up: Leo Posadas / Hair: Nelson Cruz / Grooming: Mich Lim-Reyes / Bride’s first gown: Dodjie Batu / Bride’s second gown: Cristina Palermo

Jette and Jojo

The word FRESH came to mind when I saw Jette and Jojo’s wedding.

I didn’t know the couple personally and I accidentally stumbled on their wedding pictures via a common friend. Upon seeing the photos I thought to myself “this has to go on my blog”. So I sent Jojo a message, hoping she wouldn’t think it was weird that I suddenly took an interest in her wedding. Thankfully, she liked Bride and Breakfast and gleefully agreed to be featured! I got to chat with her once and wow, what a sweet and kind woman! The beauty of the wedding indeed reflected who she was. I asked her a few questions that would also allow you to explore this truly romantic union.

Why is the wedding so “Jette and Jojo”?

My husband and I love being outdoors. Naturally, we wanted to hold our special day in a place where people can enjoy their surroundings, and at the same time, feel the solemnity of the event. The courtyard of Hacienda Isabella played the perfect setting for what was to be the wedding of our dreams. It provides you with the fresh air of the countryside, a beautiful garden with lushful greens and flowers, and an intimate feel that made the gathering very personal. All the songs we chose—from the ceremony to the reception—depict the life and love we have for each other. But more than the food, the decor, the gowns and everything else, we wanted the love of God to be felt that day. Thus, the wedding turned out as we hoped it would—simple, yet full of love.

I love the flower girl dresses!!!

What do you love about your wedding?

I love the flowers and styling. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted an all-white theme for the flowers. A lot of people said that it might look too bland or dull. But Henry Pascual did such a wonderful job! He was able to capture everything I imagined perfectly. I especially love the birdcages, candles and crystals he hung on the tree where we had our pictures taken with our guests. I also love the surprise number we did. We danced to the tune of “Down” by Jay Sean. Everybody went wild! Now, whenever our friends and family hear this song, they immediately think of us.

Another thing I totally adore is Jojo’s second dress! This was the dress she used for their dance number! It’s so pretty and whimsical.

Congratulations Jette and Jojo! This will truly be a day to remember.

Event Stylist: Henry Pascual / Photographer and Videographer: Lito Sy / Bridal Gown: Dressform by Sassa Jimenez / Tuxedo: Bergamo / Lights and Sounds: Sensitivity Lights and Sounds / Quartet: Dacapo / Band: Powerhouse / Tent: All Premium Tents / Coordinator: Getting Married Philippines (Kutchie Zaldarriaga) / Venue and Food: Hacienda Isabella / Additional Food: Pick a Chef, Pick a Cuisine / Chairs and Chargers: Likha

The Look