A Romance to Remember

It warms my heart knowing that Filipinos are making such an impact in the wedding industry all over the world. We’ve featured so much of Mayad’s work that if you’re a B&B regular, you’d be familiar with the waves they’ve created in the field of wedding videography. But alongside their talent, I discovered another proud-to-be-Pinoy artist who creates such pleasingly-polished masterpieces. Based in the United States, Binary Flips is a photography company with impeccable work. Need proof?

Here’s a strikingly-splendid engagement session with a drop-dead gorgeous couple, David and Kendra. Let me spill some juicy trivia. First, David is an actor! He actually starred in a few episodes of One Tree Hill. And secondly, he is half-Filipino. So with all angles covered, I guess we’ve got a room full of talent today.

And because our photographer is new to Bride and Breakfast, I decided to ask Dennis to share a little something from the heart of Binaryflips.

I’ve been practicing photography as a hobby over ten years and have always held an interest in pursuing a career in the arts (I’m an MD by profession). Our wedding in the Philippines in 2008 reignited my desire in photography. Back in the US, we launched our website in May of that year and registered five clients. In 2009, business began to blossom as our catalog of clients grew to 26. Although inquiries and emails started to accumulate after every entry in our blog, I ascertained that the quality of our work did not decline. By late 2009, we achieved our first feature in a magazine and in turn, enhanced our exposure. By 2010, we were compensated for our hard work and have booked 47 weddings for the year. More magazines and wedding blogs started to feature our work and more blessings came in as celebrity couples started recognizing our work. However, 98% of our clients are Americans and we’ve only had one Filipino wedding so far—we would love to do more Filipino weddings. It is an honor to be selected for this guest feature and we are humbled to be here. We aspire that our endeavor may inspire other Filipinos to follow their dreams, just as we have.

Videography: Mayad Studios / Photography: BinaryFlips

The Nook: Surprise!

Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything the past couple of days. As I mentioned last Friday, I flew to Hong Kong for some R&R with the hubby and his family. I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend as much as I did. On the last day of our trip my husband decided to surprise me with a little something…

I died!!! An 11-inch MacBook Air meant goodbye old Mac (who makes weird lawnmower-ish sounds).

Ian has always been so supportive of Bride and Breakfast. It was actually him who encouraged me to write and share to other people things I am passionate about. Weddings are great (and so is my new little toy), but at the end of the day, an amazing husband is priceless.

It’s good to be back.

Edgy Yellow Affair

Modern and maddeningly marvelous, this wedding is for the edgy, daring and adventurous who like structural designs. From the gown to the beautiful and boxy cake, patterns and lines have predominantly made this affair not your usual wedding around the corner. When the bright yellow sun and the gray rainy cloud met, it just happened to conjure up a perfect palette for RJ and Charisse.

Ceremony: Cebu Cathedral / Reception: Marco Polo Plaza Cebu / Photographer: Paul Vincent / Gown and Suit: Ivarluski Aseron / Cake: Marissa Unchuan

The Look




    Sneak Peek and Memory Lane

    Here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow’s yummy yellow wedding…

    But before that, let’s take a trip down inspiration lane to see some of the most memorable weddings we’ve had here at B&B:

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    Have a great Wednesday! Be Inspired.

    Paris Pretty

    When Ernest Pascual of Events! Events!, one of the most in-demand coordinators in the industry, sent me some wedding goodness, I knew it would be fab. I was wrong. Fabulous is definitely an understatement. I can totally relate to Dorothy when she received those sparkling ruby red pumps. Goodbye Kansas City, Hello OZ!!!

    With a Paris-pretty theme, Patrick and Angela’s wedding is one of those that scream out covet-worthy ideas. Who wouldn’t love a gown that will make anyone go for a second, third and fourth look, and details that are classy, romantic and boldly fierce? Not to mention that red is actually one of the hardest colors to pull off. It’s a good thing that with a stylish couple and their dream team, anything is possible.

    From the bride:

    Patrick wanted to give me the wedding of my dreams. The theme, colors, flowers, were based on all of my favorite things: Red, Paris, Roses. I partly grew up in Montreal, Quebec, hence my love of everything French. I have never personally been to Paris, thus I wanted to bring a piece Paris to my wedding.

    The monogram P stands for Paris and Patrick, while the Eiffel Tower was made to look like an A for Angela. It was initially drawn by a friend then digitally re-created by our coordinator Ernest Pascual. Ernest and I brainstormed on the details, and we came up with the table names being monuments in Paris while the napkin holders had french phrases. I gave our florist/stylist Jo Claravall pegs of Chateau Versailles and various red flower arrangements and with that he made my vision into reality.

    My favorite part of the wedding was walking down the aisle. When Ernest opened the door, I just saw Patrick and no one else. The moment was surreal beyond words. This is going to sound super corny but me and Patrick have been together for 10 years, and half of that was long distance. I felt like the long journey was over and we were to start a new one—together.

    Church: Shrine of Jesus /
 Reception: Rigodon Ballroom, Manila Peninsula / 
Photographer: MangoRed / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / 
Gown: Francis Libiran 
/ Make-up: Aaron Lejarde / 
Hair: Joel Estrelle 
/ Flowers: Jo Claravall / Invitations: Amis Print / Music: Cirkulo Band / Cake: Maite Gregorio of Cake Concepts /
Coordinator: Ernest Pascual of Events! Events!

    The Look