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For Karen Ong, the attention to every detail in every event she manages is essential. It’s in her second nature to make sure everything works seamlessly. This is her mantra for almost a decade managing corporate events and international concerts in the Philippines and other cities in Southeast Asia. “I want nothing less than perfect when it comes to the events I am working on. This is my passion from the very beginning, that’s why I pay attention to each and every aspect of any event I handle.”

According to Karen, the hustle and bustle and the excitement of events and concerts are what attract her the most to this industry. “It may sound crazy, but I love the 5:00am call times, I love the rush that I get when it’s the big day, and I love going into the venue at midnight during ingress and seeing the production team prepare the trusses, stage, lights, speakers, etc.–it makes me feel that I am part of something big.”

Today, Karen has now also branched out to managing and coordinating weddings. This stemed from when she managed her own wedding a few years ago. “Everyone wanted me to hire a professional coordinator. But I was keen on doing it my way, after all, I had the resources, the contacts, and the skills.”

After which, Karen has started coordinating weddings with her production team. “We all loved it. To us, there is nothing more important than making sure that bride and groom are worry free on their big day. On their day, they are the ultimate VIPs.”

Handling VIPs is nothing new for Karen. Her experience in taking care of VIPs ranges from 10 to over a hundred-person entourage. These are not guests, mind you. These are people in which she is in charge of taking care of from transportation to and from the hotel and venue, making sure everyone is fed, and everyone’s needs are met. “Some of the biggest groups I’ve handled were K-pop boybands who arrived with 100 people in their team, rockstars who had over 150 people in their crew, and for a private event, I’ve handled a giant reunion where people from all over the world arrived in Manila and everyone had to be taken care of.”

Karen Ong with Rob Schneider for his one-night-only stand up comedy show last October 2013.
Karen Ong with her former boss, Ross Knudson, when she worked with the Jonas brothers for their Manila, Cebu, and Singapore concert tour.

Her secret: “Communication is key. I make sure that my client can come to me anytime. We must be proactive. Always answer the phone. Always make sure you are right where your client can find you and most importantly, think on your feet. Mishaps can happen sometimes, these are unavoidable but what matters is how you approach and solve the problem.” At the end of the day, Karen makes it her goal to create a memorable, dream wedding for her clients.


Contact Information:

  • Address: 23 Eisenhower St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Mobile: +63(917) 813-3952
  • DTI Registered: 04863921



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