JE&Co. Haberdashery and Fine Gentleman’s Shop

“It’s about the fit, that’s our mantra”

Established in 2013, JE&Co. has been creating custom-tailored clothing for fine gentlemen with its roots stemming from its Savile Row predecessors. True to its bespoke philosophy, it aims to deliver nothing but the best to its customers, believing that it’s all in the details, specifics, customization, and the perfect fit.

Located at the heart of Quezon City, it imbibes the creativity and artful craftsmanship that the Maginhawa, Teacher’s Village area is well known for. The moment you step into the shop, you will be greeted by the Old-English inspired wooden interiors, sit back and relax at “the lounge”, and see the tailors busy at work through a glass window. It definitely is a place where gentlemen can be gentlemen.


Personalized and hand-crafted, from one tailor to another, “if ready-made is good, then made-to-measure is better, while BESPOKE is the BEST.”

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