Here are 6 Classic Engagement Ring Settings You Need to Know About

Ladies (and gents), if you’re on the lookout for the perfect engagement ring, you’ll certainly want to read about what we have in store for you today first. It’s important to get to know the basics of ring settings to help you out on finding the “perfect one”. Remember, it’s not just all about how […]

You Can Now Turn Your Love Story Into Personalized Jewelry. Here’s How!

What’s in a name that gets all of us sentimental? Is it the unique combination of letters carefully arranged to create the perfect sound, or is it the meaning behind it that matters? For Love, Kat Jewelry, the personal story it tells and the beautiful experience it represents makes a name precious–so precious that it can […]

14 Must-Have Accessories for Every Groom

Let’s be honest, grooms. Your bride isn’t the only one who wants to make sure she looks her best on her big day–you guys do too. And since it’s your big day as well, you have every right to look the dashing and dapper gentleman your fiancée probably already thinks you are. So besides the […]

Non-Diamond Rings That Are Perfect for The Engagement

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. But as much as we love diamonds, other precious stones deserve our love too, don’t you think? I personally think they can be equally as romantic, striking, and beautiful. Plus, you’ll look more unique with a less traditional precious gem on your finger (wink). So today, I’ll be […]

6 Hair Accessories to Make You Look Extra Stunning on Your Wedding Day

Major bridal beauty inspiration is in store for you today, ladies! Aside from having glowing skin on your special day, you would want your hair to look effortlessly gorgeous too! From headpieces to hair chains, accessories can add a dash of elegance to your overall wedding look, whether you’re sporting an updo or loose beachy waves. […]