Tales of Tibet

We’ve seen our fair share of out-of-the-country engagement shoots but I must say today’s destination is a first. The architecture and scenery definitely gives out a beautiful and understated feel while quietly telling tales of history and love. And yes, it was brilliantly captured by Pat Dy. Ben and Jasmin is one adventurous pair, and […]

Sweet Stepford

We haven’t gone vintage in quite a while so today we’ll go all out. Peewee and Camille of The Best-Case Scenario Events certainly know how to be in character! Being part of the wedding industry has challenged them to have a unique engagement shoot, and they certainly did not disappoint! Overflowing with cuteness and charm, […]

DIY Engagement Shoot: Inspiring Ireland

It’s fun to hear from B&B’ers. A couple of days ago, Elda sent me an email. I simply enjoyed the idea of a DIY engagement shoot (this might inspire those on a budget for their big day). It also doesn’t hurt that the location is breathtaking. Having an engagement shoot is not just about producing […]

Simple Can Be Sensational

I’m always on the lookout for unique and well-crafted videos. Today’s save-the-date trailer is one that was well-thought of, genuine and showed beauty in simplicity. We don’t often come across material that takes you to the story even without knowing the subjects, today however is our lucky day. See for yourself. Videography: Threelogy Tagged: Hong […]

Charms and Cuties

Today’s engagement feature screams fun and fab! With just the right amount of cute quirkiness, Cyrus and Katie’s engagement shoot translates their love for playfulness, fashion and each other into something they will remember forever. Besides, we’re only young once, so take it from them and live, love and laugh! Photography: Erron Ocampo / Styling: […]