Community Post: Wedding Budget Tips

We all know that weddings can get quite over budget. It’s no lie either that quarreling over wedding costs is very, very common amongst couples. Some time ago, we asked our readers to comment on the best budget tips they pulled off at their wedding, and we’re sharing them with all of you today! Read on […]

Community Post: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Attending Weddings?

Is it seeing the gorgeous decor or pretty bridesmaid gowns? Watching the bride walk down the aisle and hearing the exchanging of wedding vows? Hey, some people could just be in it for the wedding cake! We asked our Instagram followers what their favorite thing is about attending weddings, and we just loved hearing about their answers. […]

Emotional Stages Brides Go Through on Their Wedding Day

Picture this: It’s your big day! You’re going to need to get ready for a rollercoaster of surprises. I mean, just imagine everything going through your head on that morning. The excitement. (After all, you’re only going to be a bride once!) The anxiousness. (What if something goes wrong?) Even more excitement! (This is the […]

Community Post: The Sweetest Line From Your Wedding Vows

If there’s one thing that gets me at weddings, it’s the exchanging of vows. It’s a total tear-jerker! We asked our Instagram followers what the sweetest lines were from their wedding vows, and we just had to share some of them with you all. Enjoy, darlings! View this post on Instagram What was your one […]