Wedding Street Talk: Ayala Triangle

Bride and Breakfast goes to Ayala Triangle! So we took a field trip and decided to ask people about weddings and relationships! It was a super fun shoot I got to do with Becca, and something our team is looking forward to doing again. Listen to what people had to say, and laugh right along […]

Community Post: Biggest Wedding Day Fears

It takes months to plan your wedding, and sometimes, even a little over a year. We totally get that brides tend to worry about the craziest things that could happen on their wedding day, so we wanted to find out what they were! We posted this question on our Instagram account and here are some of their […]

Top 10 Pokémon HuGOts That Have Graced Our Screens

There’s no denying that Filipinos are some of the wittiest people when it comes to creating puns. Since the launch of Pokémon Go last week, netizens have already created the hashtag #PokemonhuGOt, made numerous memes, and shared first-hand experiences related to the game. Here’s a roundup of some lines, both cheesy and heartwrenching.   1. I see what […]

So Ladies, How Did He Put A Ring On It?

Hey, loves! It’s no secret that everything related to rings is something we all fall head over heels for. So today, we want to ask you about engagement rings, and if you’re engaged or married, how your husband proposed to you! It’s always awesome to find out these love stories. We have a special treat […]

Community Post: Wedding Budget Tips

We all know that weddings can get quite over budget. It’s no lie either that quarreling over wedding costs is very, very common amongst couples. Some time ago, we asked our readers to comment on the best budget tips they pulled off at their wedding, and we’re sharing them with all of you today! Read on […]