5 Reasons To Have A Beach Wedding

I know, it’s a little daunting to have a destination wedding a few hours or miles away from home. For city people like me, going to the beach means packing for a few days and making a drive out. What more having to plan the whole shebang and bringing the wedding works out of town? […]

Fashion Friday: Oscar de la Renta Bridal Fall 2016

Still undecided on the cut, texture, and fit you’d like for your wedding gown? Don’t fret! Just go through Oscar de la Renta’s Bridal Fall 2016 collection and you’ll most probably have an idea (or have chosen one!) after scrolling through the photos. This selection of gowns has the perfect combination of oomph and class, with a variety […]

Bridal Beach Dreams

The destination wedding of Guinno and Rica is my dream wedding realized. Being a lover of the sun, sand, and sea, the ideal wedding reception for me would be by the shore, a simple setup, with a beautiful sunset as the backdrop. This Boracay beach wedding got it, spot on! From the engagement photos of the […]

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