Bridal Fashion That Are Here to Stay in 2022 and Beyond!

We’re almost at the middle of 2022 and the wedding scene has no shortage of bridal fashion that keep on surprising us! Brides are willing to show more of their personalities, put their own spin on what’s traditional, and make their wedding attire truly theirs. So, for the rest of this year, we expect to […]

One-Stop Wedding Destinations: Here’s a List of Reception Venues With Their Own Chapels!

If convenience is your priority, then a one-stop destination where you can have both your ceremony and reception is a great idea! It can make things less of a hassle, because your venues will be a mere few minutes away from each other. If you prefer selecting all-in packages and saving yourselves the time and […]

Miles Apart: This Couple Still Made Their Dream Wedding Come True

Planning a wedding is exciting but it can also be overwhelming. More so if the couple is very busy with work, lives abroad, and can only do preparations online. This was the challenge Rhino and Carrie, both flight attendants, faced when they were planning their Tagaytay wedding. They booked all of their suppliers online and […]

The Look


This Wedding Has the Classic and Elegant Details That Says Glam!

Lucky and Keyr achieved the exact classic and elegant wedding they envisioned, and it truly does look beautiful! Some of the classic details that stand out are the colors red and white as the more dominant motif with gold as a metallic accent. This kind of combination elevates the glitz and glamour! Of course we […]

This Bride Fulfilled Her Childhood Dream of Having a Filipinana Wedding

How did your imaginary wedding look like when you were little? For Bride Lani, she has always dreamt of walking down the aisle towards the love of her life in a beautiful Filipinana dress. Fast forward to her real wedding day, her actual wedding dress looked even better than she has ever imagined it to […]

The Look