Is an Engagement Shoot Really Worth the Money?

What really is the big deal about an engagement photoshoot? A lot of people think it’s just an added expense and it takes a whole lot of time and effort. Sure, it can come as an inclusion in your photographer’s package. However, the option not to have one will still save you thousands. What are the photos for anyway? You can send save the dates and put up a wedding website without producing a whole pre-wedding photoshoot for it. So, why do many couples still have engagement shoots then?

Despite everything that was previously mentioned, there’s a priceless, sentimental value that comes with an engagement shoot. After all, the wedding planning experience should be all about celebrating your love. An engagement shoot can be such a beautiful part of the whole wedding planning journey. It gives you a special moment to fully relish the fact that you’re getting married! An engagement shoot also helps you make more memories to look back on from this whole once in a lifetime experience — from the planning to the big day itself.

Need more convincing? Read on and see if an engagement shoot really is worth it for you!

Is an Engagement Shoot Really Worth the Money?

It Serves as Practice for Your Wedding Day
If you’re the introverted and shy type of couple, then you’re likely not used to being in front of the camera. Rather than feeling awkward taking photos on the wedding day itself, an engagement shoot can serve as a rehearsal. You’ll get extra time with your photographer and learn how you can work together effectively to produce the best photos. Of course you can always trust in your photographer’s expertise! But it’s also good for you to know your angles, and get used to having cameras pointed at you.

It Allows You to Preserve More Memories Together
Photos are the closest we can get to freezing these milestones in time. Much like wedding photos, engagement photos preserve this special moment in your planning journey. We believe that the wedding planning itself is already part of your celebration, and having an engagement shoot gives you more reasons to create core memories as a soon-to-wed couple. The whole wedding planning experience happens only once. So, why not capture as many memories as you can?

It Can Show Who You Are as a Couple Creatively
A lot of couples use the engagement shoot as an opportunity to tell their love story through visuals. They do this through their choice of venue, clothing, and theme. Some couples pick venues such as their schools, the business districts where they both work, or the café where they spend many dates in. There are just so many opportunities to express who you are and give your loved ones an even clearer glimpse of how beautiful your love story is through engagement photos.

It's So Much Fun
An engagement shoot gives you the best excuse to get all dolled up and be treated like celebrities for a day! Imagine having your own glam team and photo team solely focused on you. Beyond that, this is a great way to spend some quality time together with your soon-to-be. Take this opportunity to bond with your suppliers, too.

It Can Be Done on a Budget
An engagement shoot doesn’t have to cost you so much money! Yes, it can be achieved on a budget. Thrift your clothes, go to a self-shoot studio, DIY your setup, and more. There are lots of different ways to make an engagement shoot more budget-friendly. You can read our Five Tips for a Budget-Friendly Engagement Shoot if you need more advice.

Overall, an engagement shoot is great to have. Is it a must? Not really. It’s still completely up to you if you find it necessary. Our advice is to simply enjoy the whole planning process, and if an engagement shoot is what will make wedding planning much more special for you, go for it!

What are your thoughts on engagement shoots? Tell us in the comments!

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