How to Plan a Wedding You Won’t Regret

Let’s get real. The pressure of planning and pulling-off an unforgettable wedding puts an incredible weight on any couple’s shoulders. You start thinking what food your guests will like, what decors will impress your in-laws, what color palette will look great on your bridesmaids, and so much more. While there’s nothing wrong with considering all of these things, today, we want to remind you that there’s more to your wedding than just pleasing everyone around you. It’s your wedding after all, right? So go ahead and plan it the way you want it to unfold, because what matters is that it’s memorable for you. So, you’re thinking of having a colored wedding dress, an intimate guest list, and an unconventional reception program? Go for it!

How to Plan a Wedding You Won't Regret

Set Your Mind That It's Your Wedding

When planning your wedding gets overwhelming, always go back to the main reason what the event is for. A wedding is about you and your soon-to-be spouse and your love for each other, everything else is just the topping on top of the wedding cake. You can listen to all the suggestions thrown at you but remember that what you decide on in the end should be what feels right for you. It’s your wedding and deciding to do it how you want it as a couple should be what matters.

Know Your Options

You hire a great wedding team for a reason. It’s to pique your wedding supplier’s brains for the best ideas so you can decide which one is the best option for you. Are you thinking of doing a creative wedding entrance? Get to know their opinion on how to execute it perfectly so that you’ll enjoy every moment of it!

Get Creative

Now that you know what options you have, it’s time to get creative! Add in your personal flair to your plans so you’ll end up doing something original and personal. For example, you want to DIY your wedding flowers because you’re a crafty bride. Go ahead and showcase your talents, it’s your special day!

Trust Your Gut

Wedding regret feels very much like unfinished business. It’s a feeling that tugs on your skirt for attention. So if you feel strongly about a wedding detail, do your best to pull it off. Your special day will only come once. Trust your gut and decide on how you want it to unfold.

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