This Designer Can Bring Your Dream Wedding Dress to Life!

There are no two brides alike and this is what makes the search for the perfect wedding dress exciting! What you wear when the ceremony door opens is part of your unique wedding story and it takes an experienced designer to breathe life into your vision. While there’s nothing wrong with opting for an off-the-rack piece, deciding to go through the process of starting from scratch adds a different experience to being a first time bride. Do you want your dress to drape in a specific way or do you want to combine two styles but don’t know exactly how? Tell your fashion story to Aoui Regala, a designer with an atelier under her name, and let her work her magic, just like how she did for these brides.

This Designer Can Bring Your Dream Wedding Dress to Life!

Start from scratch
It can feel uncomfortable to have a custom gown made from scratch because of the probability that it won’t turn out as planned. How do you calm down your anxious heart then? Do your research. Look for a designer who has a good track record in the fashion industry, a long list of raving clients, and someone who is very passionate in turning your vision into reality.

Bride: Jasmine  Profile: Business Woman The Dress Brief: A-line lace gown

Jasmine initially wanted to buy an RTW gown for her wedding day to skip the hassle of experiencing a custom dress gone wrong. Good thing Aoui proved her wrong. When she showed her a peg of her dream dress design, Aoui pitched her own version of an A-line dress with a mix of three kinds of floral laces. Jasmine was convinced because she was impressed with the creative vision of Aoui for her gown.

“Seeing Aoui’s handiwork and how she works made me feel that I’m in good hands. She puts her heart and soul in every gown that she and her team creates. I still remember how kilig I was the first time I fitted my gown. I still feel the same way whenever I see my wedding photos.” – Jasmine, Bride

Bride: Princess Profile: International flight attendant based in Doha The Dress Brief: Timeless, elegant, with a hint of sophistication


As an overseas bride, Princess found the process of finding the right wedding gown stressful. She tried so many gowns in Doha but she found it too expensive. When she came across some of the works of Aoui, she was impressed and decided that she was the designer she’s been looking for.

“Choosing Aoui Regala Atelier was one of the best decisions that I made during the wedding planning. She is responsive to my messages and understood my situation being abroad. I was able to do the first fitting 10 months before the wedding and the lining then was almost perfect. I’m happy that I trusted her for making my dream wedding gown.”- Princess, Bride

(Pull-Quote Layout) "I base my design on a bride’s personality. No two gowns are the same because I design from scratch. I never do a template gown and make the bride fit into that piece. Instead, I interpret their vision and merge it with mine."- Aoui, Designer


Explore your style together
It’s okay if you just vaguely know how you want your wedding dress to look like once you step inside an atelier. Having a professional designer hold your hand and walk you through the entire process is one of the perks of having a custom gown made. Gather your pegs and have a discussion with your designer on the best option for you.

Bride: Mikee  Profile: Registered Nurse The Dress Brief: Simple, light and sexy gown that looks dreamy
Mikee didn’t have a dream wedding gown. All she knew was that she wanted it simple, sexy, and light. When she started discussing the looks that caught her eye, Aoui came up with a gown design with an exaggerated slit and a low neckline. She also used layers of mixed types of tulle to achieve Mikee’s request of a dreamy look.

“When I met Ms. Aoui, she was so sweet and accommodating. She listened to my thoughts and even checked my Facebook account to get an idea of my personality! And when she finally showed me the design… OOMPH! I didn’t even feel the need to try it on, I just knew it was THE gown I wanted. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the gown I never thought I dreamt of.” – Mikee, Bride

Bride: Dani Profile: QA Manager The Dress Brief: Victorian-inspired dress

Dani thought that she knew what kind of wedding dress she wanted. But when it was time for her to actually plan her dress, the numerous pegs and ideas overwhelmed her. She thought she wanted a minimalist gown but Aoui, being the inquisitive designer that she is, quickly noticed that a minimalist gown would not suit her personality. They collaborated on the design and style and came up with a puff-sleeved, soft-tulle cloud-like skirt, and victorian-inspired embroidery for Dani’s wedding gown.

“My gown was actually better than what I have ever imagined it to be. It fit me perfectly and we definitely achieved our theme of a dreamy, classic, and elegant gown. I received a lot of compliments and even my photographer said that my gown was beautiful and that it definitely suits my personality.” – Dani, Bride


Trust the creative process
It’s easier said than done but once you’ve given all your initial directions to your designer, it’s time to let go of the reins. Remember that the pegs you gave will serve as an inspiration and as a guide but don’t expect the actual dress to be an exact remake. Allow creative magic to happen by trusting the taste and style of your designer.

Bride: Astrid Profile: Visual Artist The Dress Brief: Highlight figure, nude color

Astrid and her husband went for a dark and moody wedding theme and requested their guests to come in all black. The reason behind was to make Astrid standout from the crowd on her very special day. The direction she gave Aoui was she wanted to highlight her figure, to have a nude shade dress, and to incorporate intricate details like embroidery. So, Aoui chose a beautifully beaded embroidery for the bodice and mixed two more laces for the hemline to achieve the look they were aiming for.

“I chose Aoui Regala to design my wedding gown not only because of her elegant taste but also of her practicality when it comes to the materials, style, and details. She definitely knows what her bride wants and she even helps to choose accessories–from the hair piece to the shoes–to put together the overall look of the bride.” – Astrid, Bride

(Pull-Quote) "And just like Cinderella, wearing Aoui Regala's creation felt so magical. Grateful for having a Fairy God Mother like Aoui for making my dream wedding gown into reality!"- Astrid, Bride


Watch your dream dress come to life
The best feeling is seeing your dream become a reality, and even exceeding it! You’ll never forget the first time you’ll try on your wedding dress–the fabric, the fit, and all the emotions that come with it. Then, you’ll find yourself very grateful for the entire experience and just be in awe of the joy a custom dress gives you.

Bride: Zoe Profile: Lawyer The Dress Brief: With texture and embroidery

Zoe wanted a minimalist lace dress at first but when she saw one of Aoui’s embroidered gowns, she ended up choosing a fully-beaded customized embroidered gown. Since Aoui doesn’t repeat her custom designs, she made a new version for Zoe with a new combination of beadwork–swarovski crystals, ceramics and a variety of Japanese beads.

“I’m more than satisfied with my gown. Being super busy with my career, I just gave my full trust to Aoui to create my wedding gown. She was able to create an intricate yet not over the top masterpiece that captured what I envisioned. All her timelines were followed and she delivered excellently. Her refined taste definitely shows on her works.” – Zoe, Bride

(Pull-quote) "I believe that my being able to read and interpret a bride’s vision and making it into an actual masterpiece is a rare and exceptional skill. My good track record of not failing brides says a lot about me as an experienced designer." - Aoui, Designer


If you think you’ve finally found your wedding designer match, send a text inquiry to +63 (908) 633-2624 or message through Instagram, Facebook, or through Visit the Aoui Regala Atelier website to see more of her works.

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