Are You Planning a Christmas Wedding? Here Are 15 Ideas You Can Take Inspiration from!

Are you tying the knot this December? If your answer is yes and you are a big fan of the Christmas season, then you have landed on the right page! Whether you got inspiration from all the holiday shows that are dropping on Netflix or it’s simply the Filipino celebratory spirit in you—Christmas is an absolutely captivating theme for a December wedding! Maybe you have thought about it, but are not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Are You Planning a Christmas Wedding? Here Are 15 Ideas You Can Take Inspiration from!

In this article, we run down endearing and festive elements that you can include in your wedding. From filling your venue with romantic fairy lights to serving Bibingka and Puto Bumbong for dessert, these 15 Christmas ideas can definitely elevate your December wedding. Keep scrolling and prepare to take some notes!

1. Christmas Wreath

A Christmas garland is an undeniable element you should not miss! You can choose to incorporate it as part of the venue’s décor or as an accent to your tablescape design.  

Photo from Bizu Catering Studio


2. Fairy Lights

Keep the ambiance cozy by illuminating your venue with warm fairy lights. Use them as a draping for your ceiling installation, a backdrop for your photo wall, or an accent for your tablescape! 

Photo from Teddy Manuel


3. Lanterns

Give a dramatic dose by setting up big, round lanterns at the venue. They will bring in an enchanting and relaxing vibe that will certainly make your guests feel at home. 

Photo from Dave Sandoval


4. Ribbons

Treat your guests’ eyes with festive-colored ribbons for your decoration. This adorable element will stimulate their celebratory sensations on the big day! 

Photo from Gideon Hermosa


5. Christmas Tree 

Of course, what is Christmas without a tree? You can install a large-sized one for a majestic photo backdrop or use it as a major focal point on the day. Otherwise, you can opt for multiple miniature trees and use them as table centrepieces.

Photo from Spruce Floral Designs


6. Reindeer

Invite Rudolph to your wedding and let him mingle with your guests! Reindeer can be a charming accent to your wedding decorations just like in this gorgeous cake. 

Photo from Naked Patisserie


7. Christmas Balls

Whether you go with traditional metallic Christmas balls or opt for stylish, less festive ones, these spheres will add a bright touch to your wedding. Install them up the ceiling for maximum impact, or you can personalize an ornament and give them to your guests as giveaways.

Photo from Teddy Manuel


8. Stars

Aside from fairy lights, you can also choose to incorporate striking twinkler elements for an overall starry, starry night experience.

Photo from Randy Lazaro


9. Glitter

Go for eye-catching and sparkly outfits for your bridesmaids to resemble all the glitz and glamour of the holiday season. Indeed, this is a chic touch for a modern Christmas wedding!

Photo: Jose Villa | Real Wedding: Eternally Elegant


10. Mistletoe

A romantic Christmas will not be complete without a mistletoe! Insert it in your bridal bouquet or install it in the photo backdrop, so your guests can snap a photo sharing a kiss underneath. It will certainly make for a good Instagram-worthy shot! 

Photo from Gideon Hermosa


11. Foliage

Use foliage as a finishing touch to your D.I.Y gift boxes for your bridal party, or go grand and welcome your guests with a lush foliage arch paired with red florae. There is no denying that greens add such a fresh touch to your decorations! 

Photo from Bizu Catering Studio


Photo from Michael Ruiz


12. Marshmallows

Whether you’re serving hot tablea cocoa or a dessert cocktail, add some marshmallows to the drink to transform it into a delightful treat! This will surely leave all the sweet tooths wanting some more.  

Photo from Bizu Catering Studio


13. Filipino Delicacies

Go all-out Filipino with the food and make it a fiesta by laying down the best of the Filipino cuisine for your catering. For cocktails, mains, and desserts, nothing hits the spot the way Filipino delicacies do.

Photo from Gabrielle’s Appetizers


Photo from The Confectioner’s Lab


14. Puto Bumbong and Bibingka

A traditional Filipino Christmas is always marked by the smell of Puto Bumbong and a Bibingka in the air. You can hire a booth with on-the-spot cooking for the full “Simbang Gabi” experience!

Photo from Ferino’s Bibingka


15. Festive Invitations and Thank You Cards

Invite and bid thank you to your guests by sending out these vibrant celebratory invitations and thank you cards. Take inspiration from these joyfully designed stationeries.

Photo from Print Divas


Photo from Print Divas
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