Palacio de Memoria is Offering Exclusive Intimate Wedding Packages for Up to 50 Guests!

Find yourself suppliers who are tried and tested and are willing go all-in with you to make your dream wedding come true. Palacio de Memoria is here to make planning your intimate wedding easier for you and on your budget by partnering up with big names in the wedding industry to offer exclusive packages for […]

From Classmates to Companions for Life: Destiny Helped This Couple Find Their Way Back to Each Other!

Whether you call it destiny or say they were meant to be, Mark and Kat’s story is a sure hit for us hopeless romantics. Boy meets girl in the classroom halls, but they eventually part ways to pursue individual passions. By some twist of fate, they find their way back to each other years later […]

This Couple Strolled Around the Empty Streets of BGC for Their Engagement Shoot!

With the GCQ in place, the empty streets of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) were just the perfect venue for them to do their engagement shoot. The usual hustle-and-bustle of BGC became a whole private open venue for them to let loose and be carefree! Matt and Pia walked around the unfilled paths, passed through a […]

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Here’s Your Guide to Applying for a Marriage License during GCQ as Told by Real Couples!

Has your wedding day countdown hit the 120 days mark? If you’ve spent your quarantine being productive and preparing the required documents, that means it’s time to schedule your visit to your respective City Halls. Since you’re probably uneasy about leaving the safety of your home and entering a public space, we hope the information […]

The Limited Number of Guests Didn’t Stop this Wedding from Being Full of Love!

Like all other couples, Lloyd and Adeth were planning to celebrate with more than just 10 guests. But as the pandemic goes on, they opted to push through with an intimate celebration. The bright smiles on Lloyd and Adeth’s faces will make you want to smile, too. Their excitement is clear even through their masks. […]

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