5 Mood Boards That You Can Use For Your Intimate Wedding

Are you thinking of having 20 guests or less? Perhaps, your decision was influenced by current events, or maybe this was your original plan. Nowadays, intimate weddings are getting popular. More couples are choosing to have a personal, cozy, and warm union. Though, the word “intimate” does not have to mean ‘simple’ or bidding goodbye to being extra about your wedding details! Of course, big or small, it would be memorable to fuse your personality and style on your special day! You can opt to D.I.Y or hire a stylist, either way, you can get creative and plan a flavorful intimate celebration, and that starts with selecting your wedding motif!

Today, we have developed mood boards that can invigorate your senses on the idea, look, and feel of each theme that you can use for your intimate wedding. Plus, we are giving you the scoop on how you can pull it off! Get inspired and scroll down to see the different styles you can achieve on your big day!

Glamorous City

Picture yourself in a dazzling twilight with an opulent metropolis glow for this style. This type of motif is suitable for couples who love dressing up to impress…red carpet style.

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Color Palette: Combine monochrome tones and highlight with sparkly hues. Imagine, black, silver, and white tones with gold or rose gold accents.

Styling Tips:

• Fancy your venue with glitters or beads wrapped around geometric centerpieces to elevate the look

• Incorporate a few neutral-colored feathers, or sparkly geometric shapes to achieve the glamour character

• Serve sparkling wine with ethereal cocktails and desserts for your guests

• Allow your visitors to play ‘black-tie’ dress up for your wedding

• Incorporate some dainty flowers as highlights to balance the glamour


Are you and your fiancé feeling young at heart? Do you like to mix and match your favorite colors or thumping an art based on your interests? A perfect style for casually fun, perky couples who are not afraid to design, play, and pulp their creative juices!

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Color Palette: Summer Color Palette – pink, yellow, orange, green, and blue. You can choose 2-3 colors, or opt to mix it all for the fun and playful vibe of this style.

Styling Tips:

• Serve refreshing juices with different flavors as welcome drinks, with donuts, chocolate fondue with marshmallows, and ice creams for cocktails or desserts

• Set-up a recreation area for adults such as life-sized Jenga or beer pong tables that you can play with your guests

• Mix and match vibrant colors of textiles, sunny-hued florae, and match it with your quaint dinnerware for your table settings

• Instruct your guests to come in their bubbly attires

• Consider having balloons or confetti as frills to liven up the party


Think clean lines, shapes, and sheer decorations with a cosmopolitan twist into it. If you are a fan of minimalism or less-is-more, this theme would be ideal for your special day.

[1– Photographer: OneCarlo Photography; This Couple Opted for an Intimate and Minimalist Wedding in Tagaytay | 2,4– Photographer: Foreveryday Photography; Modern Details Make a Bold Statement in This Minimalist Morning Wedding | 3,5,6– Photography: ProudRad; A Wedding with Clean White Details and Dainty Prints | 7– Crafty Dreams | 8Wear Anika]
Color Palette: Generally, this theme customs monochrome hues, but you can also try stirring it up with a bold color.
Styling Tips: • Unembellished, timeless bridal look would resemble this style

• Minimalism does not mean bare, but a modestly upfront look – so, pick out neat ornamental features that will balance each other

• Think natural for your decorations. Gather white, brown, and green for your floret and greenery in an untarnished decanter.

• Work with linear and circular shapes with your stationeries, invites, and favors.

• Select a maximum of three colors and ask your guests to come in those shades.


Envision bold colors, dramatic florae, and gloomy passionate lighting for this kind of theme. It is suitable for unconventional couples who wish to break the traditional white and vivid flair.

[1– Photography: Team Benitez Photo; A Wedding with Gold, Black, Red, and Blue Wedding Motif | 2– Photography: The Backyard Studio; This Rustic Wedding Gives Off a Cozy and Romantic Feel | 3– Studio Vania Romoff | 4, 5, 7– Photography: MangoRed; The Official Photos of Pam Quinones and Chris Allison’s Wedding are Here, and It’s everything We Dreamed It Would Be | 6– Photography: Martin San Diego; What Made This Wedding Look Intimate, Relaxed, and Candid? | 8– Photography: Eugene Perez; Check Out This Intimate Wedding Done in a Charming Winery Lodge | 9– Photography: Kethley Uy Photography; This Hipster Couple had a Wedding with Unconventional Details]
Color Palette: Shady jewel tones: burgundy, hunter green, grape, and navy blue. You can also style it out with a gold or copper hue for a more dramatic, elegant feel.
Styling Tips: 

• Play around with berries for your cocktails and drinks – strawberries, blackberries, raspberries. Not only that it is delicious, but the color will also amplify your theme!• Visualize an Old Hollywood, vintage bridal look to match the theme

• Explore huge wildflowers in dark tones for your floral decorations

• Pop some dimmed warm lighting to set the mood and refined candles to emphasize the moody look

• Make a statement by putting together daring elements for your table settings such as black and gold dinnerware matched with a burgundy napkin

If you love the beach and are a high-spirited type of couple, then this theme suits you! With lively glamorous flowers, big leaves, and fruits as your centerpieces, it will be an ‘Insta-worthy’ celebration!

[1,10– Photography: Helium Hearts; A Tropical Themed Civil Wedding in the Couple’s Provincial Home | 2,5,8– Photography: Anne Naig Photography; You Will Be Enchanted With This Bright and Tropical Wedding in Balesin | 3,6,7– Photography: ProudRad; This Couple Had Their Wedding on A Rare Date | 4Gabbie Sarenas]

Color Palette: Tropical and Sunset color palette: blue green, aqua, bright yellow, sunset orange, and coral

Styling Tips: 

• Feast while the sun is there! Think breakfast or lunch for your reception feast!

• Instruct your guests to come in their floral and eccentric attires

• You can explore flower headdress for the ladies and beach fedora hats for the gents

• Discover the different kinds of foliage and use it as an embellishment for your wedding!

• Have fun with fruits–you can use it as centerpieces! Set up a fruit tower for your desserts or set up fruit juice stations for your welcome drinks.


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