These Frontline Doctors Got Married and Went Back on Duty the Next Day!

Instead of a dashing suit and a long white wedding gown, Paolo and Dianne got married in their white doctor’s uniform a few weeks before their scheduled wedding day. Both working in the frontlines against COVID-19, they’re both very busy and tired but they still chose to bless their love with a quick Church ceremony which was not followed by a reception party. They asked two of their fellow doctors to be their witnesses and it was indeed a simple but memorable day to get married! The next day, they both went back to their posts to save more lives. The love and dedication of this couple is just so moving that it makes us hope for brighter days ahead!

“I knew in my heart that he was the one and we realized that we don’t need an extravagant wedding to celebrate our love. We just needed God’s blessing and grace especially now in this trying times.” Dianne, Bride


“We contacted the Secretary of Manila Cathedral. Luckily they allowed us to push through, but of course, with certain protocols due to the situation. We had to observe social distancing and limit our guests.” Dianne, Bride

“We were set to get married in Manila Cathedral on May 17 with a reception party in Manila Hotel afterwards. Invitations were already sent out. Everything was already planned and polished, but due to the pandemic, we had no choice but to postpone.” Dianne, Bride

Instead of a honeymoon, Paolo and Dianne went back to the frontlines just a day after they got married. They can only hope for the best for the both of them and that in time, all will be well.

“We are looking forward to better days. As frontliners of this war against Covid-19, there’s nothing more that we want but for everything to end and everything to get back to normal.” Dianne, Bride


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