A Groom Gave His Bride a Gift of 1 Million in Cash on Their Wedding Day!

It has been a modern wedding day tradition for soon-to-wed couples to exchange gifts before walking down the aisle. While it’s not a requirement, some couples opt to do so. While we would often see them giving jewelry, suitcases, or a sweet love letter, this bride got something quite unexpected–CASH–and quite a huge amount if […]

This Couple Bought Ukay-Ukay Clothes for Their Engagement Shoot in Sagada!

We’ve seen a number of Sagada engagement shoots but this one by Dustine and Gillian piqued our interest. Self-proclaimed budgetarians, they scoured thrift stores in Anonas, Libertad, and Bulacan to look for jackets and shoes that they can wear in their engagement shoot in Sagada. At the end of their hunt, not only did they […]

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