8 Eco-Friendly Favors That Are Perfect for a Thoughtful Wedding

When it comes to picking wedding favors to give away on your big day, it’s important to make them pretty, memorable, and thoughtful! Because more and more people are making going green a lifestyle, why not choose to give out eco-friendly favors to your guests? Here are eight wedding giveaway ideas that are not only pretty to look at, but kind to the environment too!


1. Plants or seeds

When it comes to environmental-friendly matters, I don’t think there’s anything more basic than growing a plant! Plus, plants have the power to calm your senses too, which your guests will be thanking you for sooner or later.


2. Local coffee

Photo via Hineleban Foundation

Here’s something your guests will be sure to use! You can choose from different varieties of coffee beans to make your own special blend. Make sure to stick with locally sourced coffee beans to support our local farmers!


3. Eco bags

Photo via Luntian Bags

Why not give your guests a bag made out of 100% recycled material? Not only are bags like this kind to the environment, they’re kind to your guests as well by being of great help in carrying their things–the no-plastic way! Now who wouldn’t love that?


4. Non-plastic tumblers

Photo via I Am Bamboo Fibre Cup

Hand your guests tumblers for them to use whenever they head to their favorite coffee shop. You can add a personalized touch by putting on cute designs or details too! You can say goodbye to coffee cups and water bottles with style!


5. Metal sipstraws

Photo via Sip PH

Here’s a pretty cool fact, did you know that one metal straw is equal to five hundred forty plastic straws?! Imagine how much good you’re doing the environment by gifting each and every one of your guests with this! You’ll deserve a pat on the back, for sure.


6. Bamboo toothbrushes

Photo via The Bamboo Company

Here’s another comparison: One bamboo toothbrush is equivalent to four plastic toothbrushes! By giving wood or bamboo toothbrushes away as your wedding favor, you’re low-key educating your guests to be kinder to nature!


7. Package-free soaps

Photo via Darlene Tuffi

This is the way to go! What’s the use of having a wrapped soap bar when you’re just going to be throwing out that wrap anyway, right? You’re showing off the soap’s fragrant scents too by stripping them of that plastic!


8. Recycled notebooks or planners

Photo via Papemelroti

Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean it can’t look pretty! Believe me, there are tons of notebooks made out of recycled paper, and they still look as aesthetic as ever! With lots of notes to be jutting down during their daily lives, your busy guests will appreciate this.


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