6 Unique Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Reception Table

There are a number of key elements at every wedding reception table. The flowers, the plateware, the menu cards–these are all staples at a formal table setup. But what if you want to mix these staples up a little, and get them to stand out individually and look more unique? Well, today, we’ve got six ways you can do just that. Get your reception table setting all spruced up with these tips!

6 Unique Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Reception Table


1. Plateware

Instead of the classic white plate, you can opt to use bright-colored or bold-patterned ones. It’s a fresh and stylish approach, and it’ll surely give a unique look and feel to your reception setup. For a cohesive look, use colors that match or complement your wedding color motif. If you’d prefer to stay on the more traditional end, but still want to have fun, then you can always opt for colorful or printed table napkins instead of taking a bold step with the plateware.

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2. Napkin ring

Instead of the usual metallic or wooden napkin ring, you can opt to wrap your napkins with something more unique and personalized, something that fits yours and your partner’s interests or hobbies. For example, if the both of you or either of you are into horseback riding, then you can use mini “horseshoes” for the napkin ring–show your guests your personality! You can also opt to match the napkin rings to your wedding theme or venue, like ribbon and bells for a farm wedding or twine and flowers for a garden wedding. Herbs and cacti are great for this too.

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3. Menu card

Instead of the traditional menu card, you can opt to have your courses displayed or printed in a different way. Just like how these two weddings printed the menu on a bag containing a baguette and fries. Fill the menu-printed bag with any sort of starter, appetizer, or snack, like nuts, chips, and breadsticks–just make sure it’s a dry food! Not only is this a cute and creative idea, it’s eco-friendly and it’s waste-minimalizing too.

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4. Centerpieces

Instead of decorative flowers, you can opt to use a variety of herbs for your table centerpieces. What’s smart about this is that you can double your herb centerpieces as your wedding giveaways as well. Plus, it’ll have the whole place smelling oh-so-fragrant and fresh! Another alternative to this idea is adding in treasure chests as functional centerpieces where guests can share their advice and wishes for you and your partner.

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5. Vases

Instead of vases, you can opt to use empty wine bottles (or any other drink), up-cycled tin cans, or mason jars. You can even choose to wrap them up in twine or to paint them to give them a leveled-up look. The different shapes, sizes, and colors of these old bottles will add a rustic, vintage, shabby chic edge to your whole setup.

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6. Lighting

Instead of candles, you can opt for fairy lights. Lighting plays a big role in creating the mood and ambience of any celebration. Candles are great for this, but if you’re looking for a more casual, laid-back, and effortless look for your wedding, then you might just want to consider using fairy lights. Trust us, they’ll look beautiful and give off a sort of whimsical vibe, especially in outdoor setups, like in the garden or the beach.

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