Wedding Dresses Inspired by Classic Style Icons

In this day and age of Instagram, hashtags, and the curation of one’s feed, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if classic style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Princess Diana of Wales had their own IGs. What would they post? What would they wear? What would their #OOTDs look like? And naturally, that got me thinking about what kind of wedding dresses they’d be wearing if they were still around today. So join me as I try to understand these seven fabulous fashion icons, their inimitable style, and imagine what their just as gorgeous wedding gowns would look like today!

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Wedding Dresses Inspired by Classic Style Icons



A. Vagabomb, B. The Cut, C. Vagabomb, D. Vogue Click to Flip
A, B, C, D. Carolina Herrera Bridal Spring 2019 Collection

It's All in the Name

Back in her days, Audrey was what I’d probably call a Givenchy ambassador. (Who can forget about her famed LBD–Little Black Dress–from her well-loved movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s?) Outfit after glorious outfit in her many famous movies was made by the renowned designer. Not only does that show that she puts her trust in designer Hubert de Givenchy, but it also shows the special relationship and loyalty she had to the brand as well.



A, B, C. Glamour Magazine, D. Vogue Click to Flip
A, D. Marchesa Bridal Spring 2019 Collection, B, C. Zuhair Murad Bridal Fall 2019 Collection

All About the Deep V

You know how we all favor a certain style–some people like halter tops, others like high waisted trousers, etc.? Well, if there’s one thing I noticed about Ms. Taylor, it’s that she favors the deep V. From a casual dress shirt to an elegant gown, plunging or sweetheart necklines were her wardrobe staple. Today, I still think she’d favor the same thing, and go with an eye-catching and sophisticated piece with, of course, her neckline of choice.



A, C. Harper's Bazaar, B, D. Vogue Click to Flip
A, D. Naaem Khan Bridal Fall 2019 Collection, B, C. Zuhair Murad Bridal Spring 2019 Collection

A Cinderella Story

Before Meghan Markle’s dreamy Cinderella story, there was Grace Kelly’s. This American actress became a princess in her own right when she married the prince of Monaco. But even before that, her fashion choices and style were already befitting that of royalty. Elegant and demure, with hints of sophistication and femininity, she exuded charm and grace (pun intended!) in all of her OOTDs.



A. InStyle, B. W Magazine, C. FMW, D. Harper's Bazaar Click to Flip
A, D. Lela Rose Bridal Fall 2019 Collection, B, C. Tadashi Shoji Bridal Spring 2019 Collection

A Life of Colorful Shifts and Boatnecks

This First Lady burst into the political scene and immediately made a splash. Her colorful frocks and shift dress, famous pillbox hats, and overall style definitely caught everyone’s attention. What I really appreciate about Jackie O was her fun sense of style, bringing bright colors, tea-length dresses, and accessories (e.g. gloves, hats, and jewelry) into the spotlight. My bet is that she’d still be the fun-loving bride today too. Do you agree?



A, D. Hola!, B, C. Vogue Click to Flip
A, C. Monique Lhuilier Bridal Fall 2019 Collection, B, D. Inbal Dror Bridal Spring 2019 Collection

Figure-Hugging Pieces are a Girl's Best Friend

Yes, she probably loved diamonds just as much, but this blonde bombshell was notorious for her glamorous figure-hugging outfits. Quite the style icon, she seemed to be ages ahead in the fashion game. Can you believe that she was already wearing pleats and metallic colors at that time? I’m sure if she were a bride today, she’d probably show up wearing a luxe wedding gown that accentuated her curves.



A. Marie Claire, B. The Cut, C. Vanity Fair, D. The Cut Click to Flip
A, D. Jenny Packham Bridal Spring 2019 Collection, B, C. Cushnie Bridal Fall 2019 Collection

The Pioneer of Preppy Pants

One of the OGs when it came to androgynous dressing, this woman made pants for women a thing! Not one to follow society’s norms, her fiercely independent personality showed right through her outfit choices. Even during her time, she was known to epitomize the modern woman. Who’s to say that she wouldn’t be one now in this day and age? She’d probably be one of those brides who could totally rock it in a pantsuit!



A, B, C, D. Harper's Bazaar Click to Flip
A. Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2019 Collection, B. Monique Lhuilier Bridal Fall 2019 Collection C. Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2019 Collection, D. Monique Lhuilier Bridal Fall 2019 Collection

Leaving a Striking Legacy Behind

Who can forget the People’s Princess? Princess Diana of Wales turned heads wherever she went with her statuesque figure, her arresting presence, and her striking sense of style. Never one to shy away from bold choices when it came to her wardrobe, this princess made waves in the fashion industry with her many iconic looks. If she were with us today, I’m sure she would be no different, wearing the boldest wedding dresses just to prove that anyone can.


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