7 Ways This Bride Threw an Epic Bali Bachelorette

Other than the big day itself, probably the most important, weighty event is the bachelorette party with your best gal pals. Now that big, crazy, and out-of-the-country bachelorettes are all the rage, throwing one must be circling your mind. Before you start planning, take some tips from Sambie Rodriguez, the Guava Pass Manila general manager, Nike Training Club ambassador, and all around fitness guru, on how to throw an ultra fab bachelorette. Believe us, her all-girls Bali trip is seriously #bachelorettegoals! Read all about it here, and enjoy the photos from the bride while you’re at it!

7 Ways This Bride Threw an Epic Bali Bachelorette

Before flying to Bali, Sambie sent a detailed “bachelorette brief” to all her friends. This included the activities, venues, airport times, house rules–basically everything her gals needed to know about what’s to come.

Dividing tasks and responsibilities will ease the stress (that you shouldn’t be feeling in the first place, by the way) and help you relax and enjoy your whole bachelorette. Sambie mentioned that she asked a few of her A-type personality girlfriends to help her out with the planning. This truly is a good idea, especially with a big group of girls in tow!

It may sound “back to school”, but having a buddy all throughout the trip is important! First of all, for safety. Second, for accountability (aka time check!). Just like what Sambie did, partnering your gal pals who have never met before, and also making them roomies, is also a great opportunity for your whole bride tribe to get to know each other, and even become the next besties.

Being in a beautiful island, giving your girls a free day to enjoy the place is a total must. Don’t jam-pack each day with a load of activities! Take a break, breathe the fresh air, have some free time to take in the beauty, and have some fun chitchat sessions. Plus, surely everybody will be needing this (with the hangovers and all!).

In her bachelorette brief, one of the key things Sambie included were the outfits assigned for the day. By doing this, you’ll make packing a lot easier for your girlfriends. Plus, every photo you take will look oh-so-Instagrammable! Tropical Turnt, All-White Resort Glam, Bali Goddess, Tomb Raider Chic, All-Black + Gold–these were the outfit themes Sambie had planned out for her babes, and every one of them looked fab!

Creating a fun hashtag for your bachelorette may seem like a small detail, but it actually is more useful than it seems. First, it makes all the photos easier to sort through. Second, it gives people a sense of your and your girls’ personalities. Third, it’s something you can keep with you (to bring back all the crazy fun memories) for the rest of your life! Sambie had not just one, but two hashtags: #SambaesinBali and #didsambalisaytequila

On the third day of the bachelorette trip, Sambie and all twelve of her girls had an all-white photoshoot with Sweet Escape. You too can do this with your friends to capture the special moment! Make sure to have your theme and outfits planned out. And take as much photos together–you won’t regret it.

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