10 Creative Recessional Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Exit

Once you’ve said your “I Dos”, the wedding recessional comes next. And wouldn’t you want it to be a magical one? After all, it’s the first time you and your partner will be walking together as husband and wife! We rounded up ten creative ideas for your wedding exit, so that your guests can welcome you as newlyweds in an unforgettably unique way!

10 Creative Recessional Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Exit


1. Flower Petals

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Petals, usually rose petals, are the classic send-off toss–and for good reason! Not only are they really pretty, they smell good and add a sense of romance too!


2. Rice

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Traditional and a symbol of abundance and fertility, couples should think about bringing rice tossing back to weddings!


3. Fragrant Herbs

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Who wouldn’t love a sweet-smelling wedding? Basil, rosemary, tarragon–these are just some of the herbs you can have your guests toss! This is great for rustic and bohemian weddings.


4. Bubbles

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This is nostalgic and brings us all back to fun childhood memories, so wouldn’t it be nice to have bubbles all around you as you welcome a new stage in your life with the love of your life?


5. Candy

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Another great idea would be candies, to bring in sweetness to the marriage! And what’s even better is that everyone can pick ’em up afterwards and eat them! No waste happening here, folks.


6. Paper Airplanes

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Another fun and unique way to welcome the newlyweds would be tossing personalized or decorated paper planes. This is an especially cute idea if you and your partner dated long-distance!


7. Dried Lavender Buds

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Delicate and adding a lovely hint of fragrance, try opting for lavender buds for your wedding exit! This can give off such a dainty and elegant feel too.


8. Colorful Pom-Poms

Photo via Northstory

Why not give this unique idea a go? It’s perfect for a quirky and charming wedding! You can mix up different colors and sizes of pom-poms to make things even more fun.


9. Rainbow Confetti

Photo via Etsy

For a more playful and festive wedding exit, have your guests toss some rainbow confetti! This sure will look great in photos!


10. Flags or Ribbons

Photo via The Blush Market

Ask your guests to wave flags or ribbon wands for your send-off. You can even add meaningful words or phrases to them. And for an even more cheerful feel, add bells at the end of the wand for that nice jingle sound!


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