Here are 6 Classic Engagement Ring Settings You Need to Know About

Ladies (and gents), if you’re on the lookout for the perfect engagement ring, you’ll certainly want to read about what we have in store for you today first. It’s important to get to know the basics of ring settings to help you out on finding the “perfect one”. Remember, it’s not just all about how pretty it looks, but also about how the ring fits your style and personality. Happy reading (and ring shopping)!

Here are 6 Classic Engagement Ring Settings You Need to Know About


1. Three-stone

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This engagement ring is also known as “Trilogy” because it’s made up of three stones, with the larger stone in the middle, and two smaller stones set on both its sides. This type of setting allows two different types of gems to be featured (example: diamond in the middle with sapphires set on either side of it).


2. Halo

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In this ring setting, the large center stone is surrounded or “halo-d” by a number of smaller stones. This type takes a lot more time and effort to create, since accuracy is required to set each and every small stone on the halo. This is perfect for those who love a lot of sparkle and bling for their ring.


3. Pave

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This type of ring has tiny gemstones (usually diamonds), set very tightly together by tiny prongs, that pave the band. The pave engagement ring style uses this kind of stone setting, and usually pairs it with a larger stone placed in the center. For a luxurious look, a classic solitaire ring is paired with this pave detailing.


4. Channel

Photo via Blue Nile

This type of setting is similar to the the pave ring, except instead of being held in place by tiny prongs (how it is like in the pave setting), the stones of the channel setting are set in place by thin metal strips. This is a classy ring with some glam mixed in.


5. Prong

Photo via Fascinating Diamonds

The prong setting is also known as the “claw” setting because it is composed of small metal claws that hold the center gemstone in place. This type of ring setting truly highlights the main stone, since it helps the stone catch light from all angles.


6. Split Shank

Photo via Blue Nile

There is a split effect in this type of band, hence its name, giving it an illusion of “two bands in one”. This style is unique and bold. So for those looking to stand out with their engagement rings, this style could fit you very well.


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