10 Ways You Can Incorporate The 2019 Pantone Color, Living Coral, Into Your Wedding

So the 2019 Pantone color was announced, and it is Living Coral. Vibrant and full of life, this little sunburst of a color can be quite the star of the show. But if you were looking at ways to incorporate it into your wedding, we’ve got you! Since it is a bright shade, I’d recommend going for a more muted version if you’re looking at this as your main motif. However, you can also use this year’s color as an accent to your existing color palette to add pops of vivaciousness into your big day. We’re breaking everything down for you here, so keep on reading!

10 Ways You Can Incorporate The 2019 Pantone Color, Living Coral, Into Your Wedding


1. Color Palette

Photo via Jamie Meares

If you’ve already got an existing color palette, then the last thing you’ll want is for another bright color to come in and steal the show. Remember that color plays a huge part in setting the ambiance of your wedding, so if you’re going to pair Living Coral with something, go for a more muted and cool hue, like navy blue, sea foam, gray, or blush.


2. Stationery

Top Left – Photo: Katelyn James Photography | Top Right – Photo: Valerie Thompson Photography | Bottom Left – Photo via Etsy | Bottom Right – Photo via Kate Cullen

It’s not just your invitations we’re talking about–although a nice watercolor invite in a two-toned coral would be nice. Think about your table numbers, menus, and even sign boards! You can have a solid color, go two-toned, or if coral isn’t working for you on paper, you can choose to elegantly tie a bright coral ribbon around your invitation or menu too.


3. Bridesmaid Dresses

Top Left – Photo via Show Me Your Mumu | Top Right – Photo via Tulle & Chantilly | Bottom Left – Photo via Riley Dress | Bottom Right – Photo: Katie Hellinger Photography

This one’s a bit tricky, because there’s a higher tendency for brighter colors to look a bit tacky against most all skin tones. What I’d recommend doing is to dim the brightness of this Pantone color when choosing the fabrics for your bridesmaid dresses. (Btw, it’s also very difficult to find bright colors like Living Coral as fabrics for dresses.) You can settle for a beautiful peach color, a friendly orange, a nice rust, or even an orangey pink.


4. Flowers

Top Left – Photo: Benjamin Stuart | Top Right – Photo: Bobbi + Mike | Bottom Left – Photo: Allyson Magda Photography | Bottom Right – Photo: With Love & Embers

While fabrics may be difficult to find, flowers on the other hand or not. (At least the ones in season!) If you’re looking for flowers that have a natural bright and orange tint, here are a few you can look for: peonies, carnations, roses, hydrangeas, and dahlias. You may also want to consult with your florist or event stylist for other options, or just to get a second opinion. You can include these in yours and your bridesmaids’ bouquets, the table centerpieces, and even a few arrangements along the aisle.


5. Ties

Top Left – Photo: Amanda Crean Photographers | Top Right – Photo via Etsy | Bottom Left – Photo via The Knot | Bottom Right – Photo: Spottswood Photography

If your groom is game, get him and his groom tribe to wear some bright colored ties. Just make sure they go well with the suit color of course! (Think navy, royal blue, a light gray, or beige.) And if he refuses, you can get your little bearers to wear the cutest bow ties ever!


6. Boutonnieres

Top Left – Photo: Maria Mack Photography | Top Right – Photo: Kristyn Hogan | Bottom Left – Photo: A.J. Dunlap Photography | Bottom Right – Photo: Hannah Photography

If the ties were a no go, then he should at least allow the boutonniere, right? They can definitely still be classy without drawing too much attention with the color. Show him these pegs, and he might just be convinced!


7. Linens

Top Left – Photo: Braedon Flynn | Top Right – Photo: Jessica Di Bella | Bottom Left – Photo: Kristyn Hogan | Bottom Right – Photo: Nicole Lennox

Some people forget about the linens when it comes to weddings. But they can actually help elevate the atmosphere of any event. Whether it’s the napkins, drapes, table cloths, table runners, or chair fabric, they can serve as the perfect accent without throwing your guests off with the vibrancy of the color. Don’t forget to mix and match these with other colors in your color scheme as well!


8. Candles

Top Left – Photo via Tommy Bahama | Top Right – Photo via Bloominous | Bottom Left – Photo via Happywedd | Bottom Right – Photo via Nordic House

I’ve always thought candles could add an air of romance to a table or tablescape. Put them in lanterns by the aisle, as parts of a tablescape, or even just at the entryway of your reception, and these usually-forgotten decorations will definitely shine!


9. Drinks

Top Left – Photo: Vitalic Photo | Top Right – Photo: Justin Marantz | Bottom Left – Photo via Family Style Food | Bottom Right – Photo via Honestly Yum

Bet you didn’t think of this now, did you? Of course you can incorporate color in your food and drinks! Ask your bartender if he or she can help you come up with your own signature cocktail with its very own color. It’ll surely be an eye-catching drink that your guests might not be able to refuse. You can even come up with a mocktail or juice version for the little ones!


10. Dessert

Top Left – Photo via Tartelette | Top Right – Photo: Steve Cowell | Bottom Left – Photo: Clane Gessel Photography | Bottom Right – Photo via CFDA

How can we forget about dessert? You can have a cake with bright coral frosting or fondant, macarons, strawberry sorbet, or you know what? Why not have all three? Not only will these make your dessert table a hit, it’ll be color coordinated with the rest of your theme too!


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