12 Beautiful Themes for a Bridal Shower You’ll Want Your Friends to Throw You ASAP

One of the fun parts about being a bride (besides the actual wedding planning of course!) is participating in all the other wedding festivities that your friends and family get to throw for you. One prime example is your bridal shower! So if your Maid of Honor and bridesmaids don’t really have a theme for your bridal shower yet, here’s a little something that can help them get started. Just give them this link, and hopefully they’ll get the hint!

12 Beautiful Themes for a Bridal Shower You'll Want Your Friends to Throw You ASAP


Vintage Romance
Photos: Arte De Vie

There’s something just so delightful about good old fashioned parasols. Don’t they remind you of English women in their long, demure gowns? Well, this vintage romance themed bridal shower brings together the old and the new in such a refreshing way. The mirrored table and the fresh flowers make it look like a spring garden in bloom–ahh, so romantic, don’t you think?


Edgy Bohemian
Photos: Elyse Whall

This one is definitely for the bold and edgy bride-to-be. The dark and bold colors with the gold accents make for a striking sight that is both beautiful and alluring. Notice how there are no chairs? Yep, just pillows for these guests! Something you can consider for a fun and unique setup too.


Florals and Geometrics
Photos: Ashley Rose

Geometrics are so in these days. The different pointed shapes and bright colors in this theme definitely make the whole table stand out. Here’s a neat trick: It’s okay to have a simple table, if you have a few well-placed and well-balanced pieces on there, you’re pretty much good to go! Look at how this theme incorporated brightly colored flowers for fun pops of color!


Tasteful Tropical Paradise
Photos: Gingersnap Photography

Having a tropical themed wedding? Why not keep it consistent with your bridal shower? If you want a chic and sophisticated one like this one, remember to keep the bright colors to a minimum. The tricky thing with tropical themes is that it’s so easy to go overboard with color. What I like about this theme is the consistent use of greens, reds, and pinks in the tablescape, the backdrop, and even the drink cart.


Porcelain Dream
Photos: Jenavieve Belair

The stereotype of bridal shower colors is pink, and while there’s nothing wrong with that (because we do too love pink!), here’s a little something different for the anti-pink gal. The blue and white color scheme of this theme reminds me of the porcelain tea cups that my grandmother loves collecting. But check out how they turned this old-ish item into a contemporary and oh so dreamy theme!


Parisian Tea Party
Photos: J. Layne Photography

Ahhh, Paris! The City of Love, so they say. This theme is so dainty, and is perfect for the bride who always loved to have pretend tea parties when she was a little girl. What I love here is the use of the flowers–hanging flowers, that floral tablecloth, flowers in boxes–floral galore! And did you see the teapots on every guest’s plate? Well, it wouldn’t be a tea party without them!


Sweet Citrus Fete
Photos: Sweet Root Village

Besides the bright color scheme of this theme, another thing to note is the use of textures. The greens with protruding orange flowers, the brown woven placemats, the linens draped across each chair, and the light white cloths on each plate are a nice symphony of textures and colors that really make this theme one of a kind.


Chic Coachella
Photos: Jennifer Skog

Here’s another bridal shower theme that works for the outdoors. Lush greens and bright-colored flowers, fluffy pillows to sit on, and a macrame table runner, give off total boho vibes! You can even set up a teepee, and give out personalized tambourines to each of your guests! Play some funky music, and you’ve got yourself a Coachella spread!


Urban Monochrome
Photos: Shawn Marie Photo

You can’t go wrong with black and white. They’re just two colors that will forever remain elegant and classy. Take a look at this bridal shower. See how everything looks so clean and elegant? There aren’t any other competing colors that take away from the monochrome color scheme. The sprinkle of green and rose are just enough to bring in a bit of life and zest to the party.


Secret Garden
Photos: Mango Studios

This theme is heavy on details. You can use keys for guests to find their tables, hand-painted desserts (like cakes and macarons), and even life-like birds on the table (because a garden isn’t a garden without birds)–pulling out all the stops when it comes to the little details makes a big difference when bringing your theme to life.


Punk Rock Glam
Photos: Jessica Oh Photography

This theme is perfect for the rock star bride-to-be. The dominating black and gold color scheme give off a cool and sleek vibe, while the fun pops of pink, yellow, and blue bring a level of fun that keeps this theme from going to the dark side. Check out the amazing details like the drink cart and the table setting for some proof!


Modern Copper Desert
Photos: Megan Welker

This one’s a rather unique bridal shower theme, but hey, we’re here to bring you ideas and inspiration for you to try out! You might be surprised to find that the copper and peach color scheme work very well with the cacti plants that are used as table centerpieces. And the brown-streaked plates, orange flowers, and blue and green cactus cookies help add another dimension to this modern desert theme.


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