7 Types of Groomsmen and How to Deal with Them

Have you chosen your groomsmen yet? You’ve probably got a good mix in there, right? Some friends, some family, some future in-laws–they all have different personalities, but that’s what makes it so much fun! (It would be boring if they were all alike, trust us.) Today, we listed down the seven most common types of groomsmen, and gave some tips on how to deal with them. Go ahead and check out our list (and start fitting the label to your groom gang LOL)!

7 Types of Groomsmen and How to Deal with Them

1. The Crybaby

There’s always gonna be that one friend who’s more emotional than the rest. What do you do? Let him be. Don’t make fun of him, man, that’s just not cool. Maybe a few man hugs are fine, a slap on the back, and turning the other way when you start seeing some tears. Give the dude some space.


2. The KJ

Then there’s the friend who is a total killjoy. He doesn’t want to have fun at your bachelor party, is usually at the sidelines just watching (and semi-judging) everyone. He’s probably also the guy who’s said, “Sure ka ba, pare?” a time or two. What do you do? You can shrug and ignore him, tell him to lighten up a little, or tell him you can’t wait until his time comes.


3. The Instagrammer

Everybody loves and hates the Instagrammer groomsman. He’s that annoying dude who always has his phone out, looking for the best angles, and telling everyone how to pose. But on the other hand, you can’t deny that this guy knows how to take good photos. Plus, you’ve probably already been on his IG account just to see them all, right? What do you do? Just remind him that there’s a photographer you’ve hired to take photos too. Of course, you don’t want to stop him from doing what he loves either.


4. The Gorgeous One

Ahhh, you just have that friend who everybody stops and stares at. He steals the thunder without even trying (or doing it on purpose). All the titas won’t stop talking to him, and his pretty face turns heads everywhere he goes. What do you do? Accept it, man. Because unless you give him some major plastic surgery, you won’t be able to do anything.


5. The Foodie

So the minute you said wedding, this guy was already asking about the caterer and the food. He’s the Gordon Ramsay of your barkada, and scrutinizes every dish like he’s a judge on Masterchef. What do you do? You can bring him to your food tastings, and have him involved in your decision for your caterer (if your fiancee allows, of course).


6. The Single and Ready to Mingle One

When you told this guy you were getting married, he suddenly asked about all the females that you’re inviting to your wedding. Is anyone single? Suited for me? What do you do? Warn him off all the girls you don’t want him with, or you can actually point him to a person you’re thinking of setting him up with. Because, why not?


7. The Party Animal

You can always rely on this one friend to get the party going. He’s loud, he’ll drink a lot, he’ll dance like there’s no tomorrow, but he’s fun. Get him on the dance floor, and you’re guaranteed a ton of fun wherever this guy goes. So what else can you do? Maybe keep an eye on his alcohol intake, and make sure he’s okay throughout the night.


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