10 Unconventional Yet Classy Wedding Themes You Probably Never Thought Of

Looking for a wedding theme that’s different from the usual rustic, boho, classic romantic, or Filipiniana? While those themes are all beautiful in their own way, if you’re the type of bride who wants something unique, unconventional, but still classy and sophisticated, then boy have I got just the list for you! Keep scrolling to see if any one of these themes will fit the bill for your wedding.

10 Unconventional Yet Classy Wedding Themes You Probably Never Thought Of


Modern Art Deco
Photos: Mike Cassimatis

White, gold, and green, with an emphasis on shapes, is what this theme is all about. From the cylindrical vases, to the triangular design on the invites, this theme screams glamour and sophistication. If you’re bold enough, you can even incorporate emerald accents to your own wardrobe too.


Marble and Pearl
Photos: Roots of Life

Sometimes what makes a theme work is its subtlety. Take this particular theme for example. You don’t necessarily see marble and pearls overtaking every surface, rather just hints of marble, pearls incorporated in the bride’s dress, and blush undertones. The variations of different colored flowers also add a nice touch.


Mid-Century Modern Geometric
Photos: Hayley Rae Photography

This theme got its roots from the mid-century modern movement, which was an integral movement primarily in the fields of design and architecture. Some key features are the wide variety of bright colors, clean lines, geometric shapes and structures, and functional elements.


Celestial Romance
Photos: Cornelia Lietz

I’ve seen a lot of starry night or under the stars themed weddings, but this celestial romance themed one takes the moon and stars to a whole new level. It’s moody and edgy, with just the right amount of pink and blush to still make it romantic and swoon-worthy.


Urban Jungle
Photos: En Route Photography

Think city meets jungle with this theme. Not only is there a perfect view of the cityscape, but the urban vibe is perfectly captured with the cement blocks as table centerpieces, and the color and look of the invitations. The jungle elements include lots of tropical greens and bright colorful flowers. Admit it, you didn’t think you could make cement blocks look this pretty, right?


Provencal Fig and Berry
Photos: Cat Hepple

If you’re the type who wants a rather whimsical classic look for your wedding, then consider this Provencal fig and berry theme! You can really see the French influence here. With the flowers, fruit, and other delicate details, this dainty wedding theme will make your guests think they’re in a little quaint French town.


Edgy Chic
Photos: Heather Roth

Now this theme is for the edgy bride who’s looking to push the envelope in terms of style. Black, white, gray, and gold, this theme is characterized by its bold colors and edgy shapes. Personally, I think of a high fashion rocker chick when I see this theme, but you can certainly pull it off with the right suppliers and materials.


Scandinavian Spirit
Photos: Ellie Grace Photography

Not quite rustic, this theme takes inspiration from Scandinavian and Nordic elements. Animals like deer and bears, and elements like wood, brick, and plants are prominent. What I particularly like about this one is the use of the flowers hanging on the wall.


Classical Greece
Photos: Eric K Choi Photography

If you want something luxe and grand, then take a look at this classical Greece theme. Gold and white with hints of green, I like how they incorporated a marble/plaster statue. And that gold wreathed cake is just breathtaking! This theme will surely transport your guests to the opulent time of the Ancient Greeks!


Spring Garden
Photos: Marion Heurteboust

While we might not be a country with four seasons, that shouldn’t stop you from recreating what you think will be a glorious spring garden in bloom. Flowers, butterflies, and greens all make for a beautiful combination, and the lovely pink undertones bring everything together so nicely.


Got a favorite theme yet? Comment below which one takes your fancy!


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