12 Different Reactions You’ll Have When You Announce Your Engagement

So you’re coming down from your engagement high, and you’re in the process of slowly revealing the news to your friends and family. Whether you’re doing it through social media, in person, or through a phone call, expect a lot of different reactions. Want a little preview of what might go down? Today, we’re bringing you the 12 different reactions you might have when you announce your engagement. Scroll down to check them out!

12 Different Reactions You'll Have When You Announce Your Engagement



Ahhh, yes. This reaction is a fairly common one. Family and friends who you haven’t spoken to in a while might get a bit shocked by the announcement, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not happy for you. Expect these people to be a bit loud and dazed, but hey, you love ’em anyway.


“Oh… you guys were serious?” 

Here’s another reaction you might get out of people. Perhaps they weren’t aware of how serious your relationship is, but either way, remind them gently that you are marrying the love of your life, and he is going to make you the happiest woman in the world.


tears So tears Happy tears For tears You tears 

Be prepared for some criers. Don’t hold it against them, they just cry as a way of expressing emotion–whether they’re happy for you or just a tad bit sad that you’re moving on in your life, offer some tissue, shower them with thanks, and maybe set up an ice cream meet up (or two).


“When, Where, Who, What” 

Then there are the ones who want to know every single detail about the wedding. Even though you might not have started the wedding planning yet, they want to know everything. It’s really your call to let them in or not regarding the details, but just a warning: They won’t be satisfied unless they have something.


“So… who are you getting as a bridesmaid?” 

Don’t be surprised if a few girl friends of yours start hinting about being a bridesmaid. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, just let them know that you’re still thinking about it and will get back to them soon. But if the person is someone you want in your entourage anyway, go ahead and make her happy.


“Wow, didn’t you guys just get together?” 

This reaction is common for those people who have no idea how fast time flies. For them, one minute you just got together, the next you’re already engaged. (When in reality, it’s been more than two years!) Next thing they know, it’s already the wedding!


“I knew it!” 

Expect this reaction from people who have been your #1 shippers. The people who have probably been in on your proposal, or just the ones who have wanted you two to be together since day one. How do you handle this type of reaction? Just join in on the victory dance!


“It’s about time!” 

There will also be others who will note how long (or short) you two have been together and will finally rejoice that your now-fiance has proposed to you. You might have to endure some rants about how you should’ve been engaged sooner, but hey, what’s important is that you’re engaged now.


“Aww, you won’t be single anymore!” 

Some people will immediately think about how you’ll be leaving the single life forever, and how everything won’t be the same anymore now that you’ll be committed 100% to someone else. What these people don’t know though, is that marriage is awesome, and having someone else to have your back is totally worth it.


“Tell me everything about the proposal!” 

This is another pretty common reaction. Expect to tell your proposal story again and again and again. They might even want to go back in time and ask questions about how you two met, what you did on your first date, and more.


“Wow, marriage is a pretty big step…” 

You also might get a few reactions from people who are not totally on board with everything that has happened. They might question whether you’re ready for marriage, if you’re sure this is what you want, and highlight the importance of this decision. If this is the reaction you get, simply reassure them that yes, you’re all in. Don’t begrudge them because their hearts are in the right place.



And then there’s the person who is just in love with the idea of love and weddings. This person will probably volunteer to do whatever it is to make your wedding happen just because she wants to experience another wedding all over again. (Hey, might not be a bad idea to get this person as a bridesmaid, right?)


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