It Was All About Beautiful Dresses, Celebrity Weddings, Perfect Venues, and Big Day Etiquette this September!

Can you believe it?! It’s already the start of the -ber months! I’m pretty sure time will fly even more quickly from now on. And the next thing you know it, it’ll be the holiday season–I’m so excited! But for the meantime, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and allow me to give you a recap of what took place this month of September. Hop on for some fabulous bridal fashion, absolutely stunning celebrity weddings, oh-so-lovely venues, and wedding day etiquette for both you and your guests!


1. Fabulous Bridal Fashion

Okay, so the wedding dress. We cannot stress enough how important the dress is! So if you’re on the hunt for one, you should definitely check out the bridal collections of not one, not two, but FOUR talented local designers we featured this month. Patricia Santos’ collection has such dreamy designs and is made of the finest materials that make it versatile and lightweight–a winning combination for every bride. The designs from Joe San Antonio’s collection are so alluring and elegant, with such intricate details. Debbie Co’s latest bridal collection incorporates delicate floral embroideries with rich lace! As for Jamie Go’s collection, we’re sure you’ll love it’s unique colors and floral prints. And if you want to narrow things down a little bit to a certain cut, like the V-neck, you’re certainly going to have to look through the 22 gorgeous V-neck wedding gowns we rounded up. Oh and of course we didn’t forget about your bridesmaids–now go through the beautiful short-length dresses we found for your bride tribe!


2. Stunning Celebrity Weddings

Guess what, ladies! We were graced with not only one, but TWO, absolutely gooorgeous celebrity weddings this month. First was Chiara Ferragni, an Italian fashion blogger whose wedding spanned three locations: a fairytale-like garden, a light-covered cave, then their very own carnival! Second was Martine Cajucom, a local influencer who tied the knot in beautiful Bali with the most elegant details! Trust me, your eyes will see only sparkles and hearts as you go through these beautiful brides’ weddings.


3. Oh-So-Perfect Venues

There are a few main reasons why we love a hotel. But what if we told you this city hotel has most, if not all, the reasons to fall in love with it? The Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila, is winning couples’ hearts over, and you should find out why! Teaser: It’s got a special entrance for where you and your guests can be dropped off (no need to pass through the hotel lobby!) For the couples who prefer an escape from the city life, you’re going to need to check these lovely indoor venues for your Tagaytay wedding.


4. Valuable Wedding Day Etiquette

Be sure you’re practicing the right etiquette for your wedding! To refresh and enlighten you about a topic not commonly touched upon, we came up with Etiquette 101: Is There A Polite Way to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts. Also, since today is the age of Instagram, Facebook, etc., we wanted to dive into some social media do’s and don’ts you and your partner will want to read about. And if you’re not so keen on having your guests glued to their phones during your wedding day, you can read about these ways to have them put their phones away too.


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