Non-Diamond Rings That Are Perfect for The Engagement

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. But as much as we love diamonds, other precious stones deserve our love too, don’t you think? I personally think they can be equally as romantic, striking, and beautiful. Plus, you’ll look more unique with a less traditional precious gem on your finger (wink). So today, I’ll be shining the spotlight on some non-diamond rings that are oh-so-perfect for the engagement!


1. Sapphire

Curious as to what the sapphire symbolizes? Loyalty, faithfulness, and trust! Just with those three words, I’m wondering if there’s any precious gem out there that’s more fitting for marriage than this one. So besides having that gorgeous blue color, it’s nice to know that you’ve got the perfect definition of a couple’s love attached to it too.

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2. Pearl

Besides looking like the most timeless precious stone (in my opinion), the pearl is known to be the “stone of sincerity” and symbolizes¬†faith, charity, innocence, integrity, loyalty, harmony, perfection, and purity. Wow, that’s a long list. Still, no one can deny the beauty of the ivory-white gem!

Photo via Anna Sheffield
Photo via BBB Gem
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3. Ruby

Aaah, red, the color of love. No wonder the ruby is one of the most sought-after precious colored gems for engagement rings! It symbolizes lasting passion and affection–a loving and lifelong marriage, now isn’t that what we all want, ladies? Beware though, because you’re surely going to turn heads with a color red as striking as this!

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4. Emerald

Did you know that a fine emerald can be three times as valuable as a diamond? And did you know that it’s associated with love, beauty, fertility, and prosperity in Greek mythology? This precious stone looks sooo elegant and opulent, and its symbolism is significant–I’d certainly love to have this wrapped around my finger!

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