Wedding Topics You Need to Read Before This Month Ends

Yes, we’re about to close August and jump right into the -ber months! That was really quick, don’t you think? So just in case you missed some of our topics this month, here’s a run down just for you!

Wedding Topics You Need To Read Before This Month Ends


Useful Fashion Pegs

Planning your entourage dresses is one of the most exciting things to plan for your wedding, do you agree? We thought so too! Take inspiration from these ten different bridesmaid looks we rounded up, and see which color palette meets your taste. Once you’ve decided, extend your color theme to your flower girls too! Do you need more ideas? We featured adorable flower girls that will make you smile with delight! And if ever you’re not yet done with your bridal look, checkout these iconic wedding shoes–a pair might just make your heart skip a beat.


Customized Shoes & DIY Projects

Every wedding is different. Even if themes and trends repeat, no big day is ever exactly the same. Especially with the wide range of customized and personalized ideas you can choose from, your wedding will definitely be like no other! One good idea is to customize the shoes of your entire bridal party. Not only will everyone look chic and confident while they walk down the aisle, but they’ll also have a good remembrance of your special day tucked inside their shoe cabinets long after. Are you the crafty kind of bride? We’ve also listed some D.I.Y. projects you can do to give your big day a personal touch and even save on costs!


Inspiring Wedding Features

Oh, love is indeed in the air! We just love featuring romantic stories and unique wedding details that are so inspiring. Check out the wedding of Miko and Nicole, the couple who proved that simple and understated details will always look stunning. Also take a look at the wedding of Toby and Andrea, the couple who nailed the modern minimalist theme by sticking to a green and white color palette. The bride also walked down the aisle in a bridal pantsuit instead of a gown! What a brilliant idea! And since we’re talking about wedding outfits, we also featured a bride who looked amazing in her convertible gown. So go and see it for yourself!


Fun with Music and Hashtags

What do guests look forward to in a wedding? Aside from witnessing your love blossom right before their eyes and indulging in scrumptious food, guests are all in for the wedding fun! Arrange your music playlist to set the mood from the ceremony, reception, and even your wedding video. OPM love songs are a hit now, and are so relatable to your guests. So if you’re up for that, then this list is for you! Your guests will also enjoy documenting moments for you, so if you want to see your magical day through their eyes, then learn how you can maximize your wedding hashtag.


Unconventional Picks for Brides and Sponsors

Every bride has a version of her wedding day look, and if you’re the type who loves comfort, convenience, and style rolled into a wedding shoe, then wearing sneakers on your wedding day may just be a great choice! Check out the four reasons why you should tie the knot with Keds + kate spade new york sneakers. If you’re looking for unique and useful gift options for your principal sponsors, we also drafted a list of local brands that can help you make your ninongs and ninangs feel special on your wedding day.


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