10 Beautiful Bridesmaid Looks That You Can Totally Take Style Inspiration From

On the day of the wedding, we get really excited when we see the bride’s gown. But the bridesmaids’ dresses don’t get any less of our attention! If you come to think of it, bridesmaid gowns can really complement the bride’s dress, and highlight the wedding theme further. And as I was browsing through the weddings featured on the site, I found these ten bridesmaid looks that I just absolutely love, and got really excited to share them with you. Go and check them out for yourselves now!

1. Festively Luxe

Photo: One Carlo | Bridesmaid Dresses: Micah Lacap Designs | Real Wedding: Bold, Bonny, and Beautiful

I love the colors red and green, but putting the two together is a little tricky. These dresses prove otherwise though–I think they totally nailed the perfect hues, and that sheen in the fabric is glorious!


2. Impeccable in White

Photo: MangoRed | Bridesmaid Dresses: Martin Bautista | Real Wedding: The Official Photos of Pam Quiñones and Chris Allison’s Wedding are Here, and It’s Everything We Dreamed It Would Be!

An all-white ensemble for the entourage is not what you would commonly see in weddings. But these girls look oh-so-glam, I seriously can’t get enough! Plus, I love how each dress has a different fashionable design.


3. Cool Bold Freshness

Photo: Proudrad | Bridesmaid Dresses: Hannah Kong | Real Wedding: This Bride’s Gown Has Beautiful Feminine Details You Will Love

I think we can all agree that this color is so cool and refreshing to the eyes! These dresses, with their bold yet lovely cuts and daring yet elegant high-leg, are so flattering to a woman’s figure!


4. Lush Bohemian Love

Photo: Bryan Venancio Photography | Real Wedding: A Romantic Bohemian Themed Wedding in Zambales

Anything bohemian, floral, and rich in color gets me every time. These dresses exude a carefree chicness that I am loving! Plus, those flower crowns the ladies are wearing, totally seal that “lush boho theme” deal.


5. Lavish in Rose Pink

Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Bridesmaid Dresses: Julianne Syjuco | Real Wedding: A Grand Blush and Rose Gold Wedding with a Classic Romantic Theme

What’s better than the color pink? Rose pink, of course. There really is a sense of regality and luxury in this elegant color, and paired with the off-shoulder cut and lustrous fabric, it makes the dresses look perfect for modern-day princesses!


6. Elegance at Its Finest

Photo: Sunday Morning Studios | Real Wedding: This Couple Got Married in Their Own Backyard and Filled Their Garden With Modern Botanical Details

Now this is certainly a color pairing of nothing but class. That dark navy blue side by side the muted beige looks so tasteful! I also love how there aren’t just two different colors, but two kinds of fabrics as well.


7. Nothing More Chic Than Pink

Photo: Mayad Studios | Bridesmaid Dresses: Style Staple | Real Wedding: A Chic Wedding in Boracay with a Blush Pink Palette

When you think of beach weddings, you usually imagine the colors blue or yellow for the bridesmaids’ dresses. But as proven by these lovely bridesmaids, pink looks beautiful too, especially with the blue sea as the complementary backdrop!


8. Airy, Breezy, Beautiful

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Bridesmaid Dresses: Patty Ang | Real Wedding: An Elegant and Tasteful Wedding with Dusty Colored Accents

This soft light blue is so feminine and timeless! No beading or extra detailing required for the dresses, because the classy color speaks for itself.


9. Orange Me Happy

Photo: MangoRed | Bridesmaid Dresses: Desino Dulce | Real Wedding: Wildflowers, Warm Tones, and a Carefree Spirit Breathe Life into This Wedding

This bohemian wedding is super on point, thanks to the good hairstyling, pretty flowers, and of course, the beautiful bridesmaids’ dresses! That rusty orange color really is the best bet for this free-spirited boho theme.


10. Gorgeous in Jewel Hues

Photo: Toto Villaruel | Real Wedding: See the Unique Details from this Fresh and Colorful Wedding!

These absolutely gorgeous structured dresses make me swoon with delight! The tea length, the varying jewel hues, the sheen fabric–I can’t stop staring at these lucky bridesmaids’ in their gorgeous dresses.


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