This is What Happens When You Introduce Your Foreign Fiancé to Your Filipino Family

Getting engaged is one of the many milestones you and your partner will look back at in awe. Before the rigorous wedding planning, it’s always a must to introduce your significant other to your main loved ones–your family. It’s also always added effort when your S.O. didn’t grow up in the same archipelago. These spot-on situations could either be upright awkward and hilarious or seriously heartwarming. Here are things you should let your foreign partner know before introducing him to the fam.


Say hello to your new friends, heat, and humidity!

“Oh, anak. Tapat mo sa kanya yung electric fan. Eto, gamitin mo yung Good Morning towel. May pampalit ba siyang T-shirt?”


Expect a long line of family members to mano, beso, or even a casual hug or high-five.

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my mom, dad, siblings, and the entire barangay!


Wear your comfiest outfit because it’s going to be an entire day of food!

You think the family is big? Wait until you get to see the table of food–all for your homecoming!


Kara? Oke! It’s not just a song–it’s a performance!

There must be something in the water because Filipinos have such a knack for karaoke. So get your go-to song, and just du-et!


Shopping–it’s more fun in the Philippines!

“Pasok mga suki! Presyong Divisoria!” Shop until you drop, because Manila’s got it all for you!


You better prepare for an endless storytelling of how you two met!

“So tell me, anak. Paano kayo nag kakilala?” Spill the details! One thing about Filipinos is that they love getting kilig!


All of these new people and places may be overwhelming, but it is worth it!

It’s going to be a long ride, but what matters is that you’re with the love of your life–and the loves of her life. So slow down and smell the flowers!


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