8 Unconventional Bouquets for the Unique Bride

The dream dress, the dream venue, the dream… bouquet? Ladies, it’s time you inject your personality into your wedding bouquet too! We all know how beautiful the classic flower bouquet looks, but have you ever thought about straying away from the classic and giving the more unconventional a try, or giving your bouquet a mark that’s uniquely “you”? Have a look at these one-of-a-kind yet equally pretty bouquets, and you might just go for any one of them on your big day! Enjoy!


1. Wreath

Now, this is something you don’t often see brides holding. But if you ask me, I think it looks so absolutely chic–perfect for the laid-back, bohemian bride!

Photo via Aura Carmen


2. Succulents

Succulents and cacti–maybe not the first things that pop into your head when thinking about your bridal bouquet. But if you just pop in a bunch of colorful flowers, I’m sure it’ll look just as amazing, just like these!

Photo via Melissa Jill Photography
Photo via Bumby Photography


3. Sweets

Who would have thought the word “sweet” could be taken so literally? Marshmallows, candies, your favorite treats, think about incorporating them into your bridal bouquet! Just make sure they don’t melt!

Photo via Hogyan Kell


4. Paper flowers

Looking to cut costs? Why not opt for a paper flower bouquet? It’ll give your wedding that sense of D.I.Y. uniqueness! Remember to be creative with the textures, colors, and embellishments too.

Photo via BookBub
Photo via Petty Regi


5. Wildflowers

Aaah, nothing screams rustic more than a bunch of beautiful wildflowers! Add in lots of variety–the more, the merrier! Tie everything together with some rope twine for an even more natural feel.

Photo via Not On The High Street


6. Shells

I love beach weddings them! Can you guess what’ll make them even lovelier? These shell bouquets! This bouquet definitely takes those beach vibes to another level, ladies.

Photo via Roam With Us Travel
Photo via Asusual.us


7. Greenery

The ferns and greenery in this bouquet make it look so particularly fresh! Just imagine it matched up with your beautiful white dress–a flawless bridal look for you!

Photo via Wild Little Roses


8. Fruits

Fresh and zesty, it’s time to bring in the fruits. Mix in some flowers here and there, and voila! You’ll have yourself not only a lovely bouquet, but a sweet-smelling one too.

Photo via Cedim.us
Photo via Leisi


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