Wedding Dresses Through The Decades

I always find it fascinating to look through weddings from the different decades! Especially because of the distinct wedding dress looks from each era! Decades pass and styles change, but I love how one thing is constant: the effortless beauty of the wedding gown. Beginning from the 1910s to 2010s, we rounded up some wedding dress styles inspired from the different eras. With a modern-day take on the dresses, I’m sure there’ll be at least one to suit your fancy! See the evolution of the wedding gown, and take inspiration for your very own dream dress!


1. 1910s

High collars and empire waist cuts were the in-thing during this era. Lots of lace and soft, feminine fabrics made the dresses look oh-so-romantic!

Photo via Love It So Much
Photo via Johanna Mattsson


2. 1920s

Loose and undefined silhouettes, dipped necklines, and less sleeves–the dresses in the Roaring 20s were tailored for dancing around! The intricate bead detailing and embroidery also reflect the lavish lifestyle.

Photo via Anna Sui
Photo via Naf Dress


3. 1930s

Silhouettes still loose, the wedding dresses of this time were truly sophisticated. The simple yet elegant designs probably make the dresses from this era the most timeless!

Photo via BHLDN
Photo via Vintage Dancer


4. 1940s

Many of the dresses of this war-decade were shorter for practicality’s sake. You’ll be looking either quirky or laid-back yet ladylike, with the vintage-style dresses from this era!

Photo via Vintage Dancer
Photo via Svesty


5. 1950s

Tea length and full skirts make the wedding dresses of this time the absolute cutest! The girly style will have you looking like the sweetest bride there is. For an added cutesy look, bring in the bow!

Photo via Naf Dress
Photo via Tradesy


6. 1960s

Shift dresses are what this era is most known for. Breaking away from the conservative, these dress designs truly make a bold statement–which was what this decade was all about! Structured designs and A-line skirts were also in!

Photo via Vintage Wedding Ideas
Photo via Bodas


7. 1970s

Free-flowing dresses and bohemian vibes, this era has got to be my personal favorite! The off-shoulder cuts, loose fits, and flowing fabrics will make you feel so comfortably stylish.

Photo via Rue De Seine
Photo via Dreamers and Lovers


8. 1980s

It’s all about strong power (or puffy) sleeves and ornate details in this era! Probably the most extravagant out of all the eras, don’t be afraid to go over the top here!

Photo via Amused Gallery
Photo via


9. 1990s

Although a little bit less out-there than the prior decade, the wedding dresses in this era will still definitely have you feeling like a princess. Don’t forget to show off your shoulders for a more graceful touch!

Photo via Simon Morris
Photo via Ali Express


10. 2000s

Strapless gowns and tube dresses dominated this era. Designs were more simple with less beadwork–having quite a sophisticated back-to-basics feel to them.

Photo via Fashionista
Photo via Vera Wang


11. 2010s

Think about embracing your curves and bringing out your personality! Textured details and delicate beading also add an understated beauty to the wedding dresses of the now.

Photo via Morilee
Photo via Morilee


So which decade will you be taking inspiration from for your dress? Let us know in the comments below!


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