Honeymoon Tips, Breathtaking Wedding Details, and Some Planning Advice You Need to Know!

Aside from the hot weather and the constant temptation of a beach getaway, what else does summer have in store for you? Of course, we’re always ready to share more and more planning tips and advice for everything related to weddings! This month was no exception as we broke down some things you should know about honeymoon planning, relationship advice, and how to take your guests’ breath away on your wedding through beautiful details!


1. Planning your pre-wedding and post-wedding activities

As much as there’s a ton of planning involved for the big day, just as much planning goes into pre-wedding like deciding where to hold your engagement ceremony or where to have your engagement shoot, and post-wedding planning like saving up for your honeymoon and choosing where to go!


2. Showing your partner how much you love them

Your wedding vows are sacred promises that you and your partner exchange on your big day. If you need some help writing or figuring out how to make them, we wrote down some tips to help you write the most heartfelt and genuine vows for your big day.


3. Making sure your wedding is as unique as can be

Every bride wants their wedding day to be beautiful, romantic, and memorable. Having unique details in your wedding will surely make the big day unforgettable for you and your guests! How about going for having a non-traditional bridal gown or experimenting with what your flower girls can carry?


4. Working on your marriage

Marriage and relationships require you and your partner to always work together to build a stronger relationship and find more ways to be better, both individually and as a couple. Fights are inevitable in any relationship, so it’s always helpful to take a step back and reflect on the attitudes that may be causing conflicts.


5. Breathtaking wedding inspiration

Two absolutely glowing celebrity brides got married this month and their weddings were just as breathtaking as they were in their gorgeous wedding gowns–Rachelle Ann Go tied the knot in Boracay, while Coleen Garcia walked down the aisle in Balesin! Take inspiration from their stunning weddings ASAP!


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